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Web Information: 2018-Oct-19 - Oct 23rd 2018 is the start of the "[霜降 Soukou](" season, which, in the old "Sekki" 24-season [solar term calendar]( marks the season with the first frost of autumn, when summer has completely ended. It's a beautiful season in Japan, and we really recommend taking full advantage of the delicious food and fall colors of this country in the fall. 🍁☀️ - 10月23日は[霜降 (そうこう)](。日本には季節を示す言葉は、四季の他に[二十四節気](二十四節気)があり、霜降は、夏が完全に終わり秋も深まって来た頃を示します。初霜や、山が紅葉で彩られるのもこの頃なので、ぜひもみじ狩りを楽しんでください。🍁☀️


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