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Web Information: 2018-Oct-25 - Japan visitors, if you're in Tottori Prefecture this weekend, visit Yonago-shi and see the Shigeru Mizuki road. It has bronze statues of famous "yokai" ghosts and demons from his beloved "GeGeGe no Kitaro" stories, like the cat girl or Kitaro himself. On 27 Oct, you can see the [Yokai Halloween]( event, with people dressed up as the characters. Sure to be scary! 👻 - もしも鳥取県に行くことがあれば、米子市の、「水木しげるロード」に行ってみてください。猫娘や一反木綿など、日本の有名な妖怪の銅像がたくさんあって楽しめますよ。10月27日には[妖怪ハロウィン](が開催され、オバケとはまた違う怖〜くて楽し〜い夜になるかもしれませんよ。👻


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