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Web Information: 2018-Nov-19 - Labor Thanksgiving Day has been a national holiday each Nov 23 since World War II, in which Japanese people show their gratitude for labor, and has also traditionally been the day the Shinto "Niinamesai" ceremony is held. "Niinamesai" is a harvest festival performed by the emperor (and at many shrines in Japan), in which he harvests rice he planted himself, offering it and newly produced sake to the goddess Amaterasu. In doing so, he gives thanks for the year’s harvest, and prays for a bountiful next year. 🇯🇵🍁 - 11月23日は勤労感謝の日。第二次世界大戦前までは「新嘗祭(にいなめさい、しんじょうさい)」という祭日で、神道の行事で一年の収穫を感謝する日でありました。戦後は、勤労を大切にし、生産を祝い、国民がお互いに感謝し合うことを趣旨とした祝日とされています。🇯🇵🍁


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