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表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2021/01/14

The Gov't of Japan has declared another state of emergency for Tokyo, related to the global COVID-19 pandemic. eSolia is adjusting its operations accordingly to allow us to provide continued support as usual, working from home as a rule. 🚨


2021/01/14 15:39:262021/01/14 15:39:261080
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2021/01/01

Happy New Year! Thank you everyone for your support during 2020 even amidst your own challenges, and may your 2021 be happy, healthy and prosperous! 🎉🎍

新年あけましておめでとうございます! 昨年中は格別のご高配を賜り厚く御礼申し上げます。本年も変わらぬご支援、ご鞭撻を賜りますようお願い申し上げます。🎉🎍

2021/01/01 8:36:012021/01/01 8:36:011079
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/12/28

The eSolia year-end holiday starts today Dec 28 (Mon)​ from 12:00​, and runs through Jan ​4 ​(Mon), 2021​. We will be back at work from Jan 5th, and wish everyone a restful break! "Yoi otoshi wo!" 🇯🇵㊗️

勝手ながら、当社年末年始休暇を 本日2020/12/28(月)12:00 から 2021/1/4​(月)までの日程とさせていただきます。2020/1/5(火)から通常営業を再開いたします。それでは、良いお年を迎えください。来年もよろしくお願いいたします! 🇯🇵㊗️

2020/12/28 14:36:422020/12/28 14:41:241078
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/10/14

Are you struggling with establishing Telework systems or guidelines? Getting an update on the current situation, identifying the actual problems, and also providing clear solutions will improve the efficiency of teleworking. See our latest blog post on the subject from Ops Manager Ena Ishikawa, and don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance! 🚀

テレワーク、何故上手くいかないか? 現状のヒアリング、課題の明確化、洗い出しを行った上で効率的なテレワークの実現が可能となります。弊社オペレーションズマネージャー石川からの最新ブログポストをご覧いただき、お気軽にお問い合わせください! 🚀

2020/10/14 16:51:002020/10/14 18:08:411077
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/09/29

We updated the terms of service for our cloud database platform "PROdb", editing for clarity and typographical errors.


2020/09/29 10:12:352020/09/29 10:12:351076
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/09/28

We updated the terms of service for our cloud database platform "PROdb", editing for clarity.


2020/09/28 17:28:202020/09/28 17:44:331074
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/09/28

We updated our privacy policy, editing for clarity.


2020/09/28 17:44:472020/09/28 17:44:471075
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/09/16

We updated our list of emergency numbers needed by Japan residents and visitors, on this page, including a CSV download, adding the number for the FIND suicide prevention hotline. Please share with your friends. 🚨

日本の居住者及び訪日外客向けに、弊社で作成した緊急連絡先一覧表をこのページで更新いたしました。自殺予防いのちの電話「FIND」 のリンク情報が追加されております。緊急連絡先一覧表のCSVダウンロードが可能となっており、万が一の事態に備えて、ご友人・知人の方にこの情報を共有頂き、ご利用ください。 🚨

2020/09/16 15:16:182020/09/16 15:16:181073
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/09/15

We updated our privacy policy, editing for clarity.


2020/09/15 18:19:002020/09/16 9:54:301071
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/09/15

We updated the terms of service for our cloud database platform "PROdb", editing for clarity and formatting.


2020/09/15 20:01:252020/09/16 9:51:151072
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/08/05

Thank you for your support and business. The eSolia Inc. teamITMS IT Support Team will be providing support for emergency requests during the summer holiday season, from Aug 13 (Thu) to Aug 15 (Sat), 2020, resuming normal operations on Aug 17 (Mon). Clients can contact us at the special email address we supplied in the announcement email, or leave a voicemail on the emergency tel number VM box. Stay safe during the ongoing COVID pandemic, be vigilant, and mask up! 🇯🇵


2020/07/31 8:40:082020/08/05 11:46:041070
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/07/09

We updated our list of emergency numbers needed by Japan residents and visitors, on this page, including a CSV download, adding the number for the new Foreign Residents Support Center "FRESC" in Yotsuya, Tokyo. Please share with your friends. 🚨

日本の居住者及び訪日外客向けに、弊社で作成した緊急連絡先一覧表をこのページで更新いたしました。東京都四ツ谷駅にある外国人在留支援センター「FRESC」のリンク情報が追加されております。緊急連絡先一覧表のCSVダウンロードが可能となっており、万が一の事態に備えて、ご友人・知人の方にこの情報を共有頂き、ご利用ください。 🚨

2020/07/09 11:51:162020/07/09 12:36:551069
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/07/07

It's eSolia's 21st Anniversary already (time flies!). We founded eSolia Inc on 7th July 1999 for IT service excellence, and have continued to work on our service maturity over the last year, flexibly handling the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for another successful year! 🎉㊗️

イソリア創立21周年記念! お陰様で無事21年目を迎える事が出来ました。1999年7月7日に優れたITサービスを提供するためにeSolia_Incを創立しました。COVID-19パンデミックに伴う劇的な環境変化および様々な課題に対して、柔軟に対応できるように、弊社サービス品質をより一層改善し精進してまいります。なにとぞご支援ご愛顧を賜りますようお願い申し上げます。🎉㊗️

2020/07/07 9:04:262020/07/07 10:06:001068
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/04/11

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike (Twitter: @ecoyuri) gave an informative address in English about the COVID-19 emergency, and you can view it on YouTube. Please share with other English-speaking friends who might benefit. 🇯🇵💪🏻

小池都知事(Twitter: @ecoyuri)は東京都新型コロナウイルス感染症(COVID-19)に関する最新情報を英語版で発信されております。YouTubeでもご覧になれますので、是非在日外国人の知人やお友達に共有しましょう。🇯🇵💪🏻

2020/04/11 19:58:462020/04/14 8:31:581067
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/04/10

A hotline service for foreigners in Japan to make COVID-19 virus inquiries, is available now in 8 languages from AMDA through 20th May 2020. Please spread the word to other foreign residents or visitors. ☎️


2020/04/10 11:48:172020/04/10 13:09:131066
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/04/08

The Gov't of Japan has declared a state of emergency for Tokyo and 7 surrounding prefectures, related to the global COVID-19 pandemic. eSolia is adjusting its operations accordingly to allow us to provide continued support as usual, working from home as a rule. 🚨


2020/04/08 9:24:152020/04/08 17:24:141065
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/04/01

Japan Postal service is suspending international service to many countries as of 2nd April. Take note and plan accordingly. 🏣


2020/04/01 19:23:512020/04/02 9:04:141064
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/03/23

We updated our list of emergency numbers needed by Japan residents and visitors, on this page, including a CSV download, adding numbers for COVID-19 info in Tokyo and Osaka. Please share with your friends. 🚨

日本の居住者及び訪日外客向けに、弊社で作成した緊急連絡先一覧表をこのページで更新いたしました。CSVダウンロードが可能となっており、東京都・大阪府「COVID-19情報」のリンク情報が追加されております。万が一の事態に備えて、ご友人・知人の方にこの情報を共有頂き、ご利用ください。 🚨

2020/03/23 10:16:162020/03/23 10:16:161063
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/03/01

NOTE: RESCHEDULED TO 3 OCT 2020. Registration for the Tokyo Yamathon will be opening soon. This is an interesting and challenging charity walking event, where participants in teams of 3 or 4 people start walking near Tokyo station at 9am, visit each station on the Yamanote line (a photo at each is the requirement) and try to finish the ~40km by 9pm. 🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏽‍♀️

注意 :10月3日まで延期となった】東京ヤマソンの参加登録は間もなく開始されます。東京ヤマソンはインターナショナル・ボランティア・グループ (IVG)が主催するチャリティ・イベントで、1チーム3人~4人によって山手線の29駅全駅(約40km)を歩いて訪れるイベントです。東京駅から9時にスタート、21時まで東京駅にゴールの時刻制限があり、ヤマソンのコースを全て通過したことを証明するために、全ての駅で写真撮影が必須となります。規定されたルートがないため、参加者にとって非常に興味深くチャレンジなイベントとなっております。🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏽‍♀️

2019/05/20 8:39:142020/04/11 20:31:571047
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/01/23

PSA: Japan residents and visitors should be aware of possible spread of pneumonia-like coronavirus after the first confirmed case. Take precautions like wearing a mask, washing your hands and gargling. 😷


2020/01/23 13:45:382020/01/23 13:45:521062

International residents, workers, and students in Tokyo: the Tokyo Metropolitan Gov't will hold its annual disaster drill Tues 28 Jan 2020. Register by 15 Jan and join in! 🇯🇵⛑🚨


2020/01/10 12:09:082020/01/10 12:09:171061
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2020/01/01

Happy New Year! Thank you everyone for your support during 2019, and may your 2020 be happy, healthy and prosperous! 🎉🎍


2020/01/01 11:18:272020/01/01 11:18:271060
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/12/27

The eSolia year-end holiday starts today Dec 27 (Fri)​ from 12:00​, and runs through Jan ​5 ​(Sun), 2020​. We will be back in the office from Jan 6th, and wish everyone a restful break! "Yoi otoshi wo!" 🏝🇯🇵

イソリアは勝手ながら、年末年始休暇を 本日2019/12/27(金)12:00 から 2020/1/5​(日)までの日程とさせていただきます。2020/1/6(月)から通常営業を再開いたします。それでは、良いお年を迎えください。来年もよろしくお願いいたします! 🏝🇯🇵

2019/12/27 15:07:282019/12/27 15:09:511059
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/10/09

PSA: Typhoon "Hagibis" said to be "strong and violent" is approaching Japan and should hit Japan from Saturday 12 Oct afternoon through Sunday 13 Oct afternoon. Expect travel delays or stoppages, and avoid going outdoors. 🌀🌀


2019/10/09 18:52:312019/10/10 9:19:141057
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/10/08

In Japan, and ecology minded? Check out «mymizu», an app that helps you find spots to refill your water bottle. It's easy to add the fountains and spigots in parks or wherever, around you. Let’s reduce PET usage, conserve and reuse. 🚰🇯🇵


2019/10/11 10:12:392019/10/11 11:27:161058
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/08/09

eSolia will be closed from tomorrow 10-15 Aug 2019 inclusive, for the traditional o-bon holiday. Clients: please use emergency contact as per separate email. 🍉


2019/08/09 18:05:152019/08/09 18:07:201056
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/07/23

Japan visitors, if you are in the Tokyo area this Thurs and Fri from afternoon through evening, you might enjoy the 24th annual Shimbashi Koichi Matsuri festival, held on the west side of JR Shimbashi around the New Shimbashi bldg, at the SL steam train square and in Sakurada Park. (Map) 🇯🇵👘

訪日外客へ:今週木・金曜日(7月25日・26日)に東京近隣に滞在される場合、新橋SL広場と桜田公園付近で実施予定の第24回新橋こいち祭を訪れてみてはいかがでしょうか。(地図) 🇯🇵👘

2019/07/22 15:51:532019/07/22 17:17:091055
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/07/22

New success story added for a project to extract text documents from a database, to automatically and periodically convert each of them into future-proof text files. See here for details. 🚀


2019/07/22 13:06:432019/07/22 13:06:491054
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/07/11

PSA: Mizuho bank has a temporary service suspension this weekend through Tue 16 July 8AM, related to system upgrades. ATMs and other services cannot be used during this period, so you should withdraw money today, if needed. (Note that this is the final such suspensions to be aware of for 2019.)


2019/01/13 20:08:272019/01/13 20:08:271035
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/07/07

It's eSolia's 20th Anniversary, and we feel like we are in a dream! We founded eSolia Inc on 7th July 1999 for IT service excellence, and continued to improve over the last year. Thank you for another successful year! 🎉㊗️

イソリア創立20周年記念! お陰様で無事20周年を迎える事が出来ました。1999年7月7日に優れたITサービスを提供するためにeSolia_Incを創立し、昨年より一層改善し続けております。今後も更なる飛躍を目指し、精進してまいりますので、なにとぞご支援ご愛顧を賜りますようお願い申し上げます。🎉㊗️

2019/07/02 16:47:442019/07/03 12:39:111053
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/07/02

If you're traveling to Japan, be sure to purchase travel insurance. Recently, uninsured travelers are running up large unpaid bills at hospitals in Japan, so please make the proper arrangements. 🏥🇯🇵


2019/07/02 11:24:552019/07/03 15:45:521052
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/06/20

Today is the 2020 Tokyo Olympic ticket drawing. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police are warning against scam and phishing emails regarding tickets, so take due care when clicking anything. 🕵🏻‍♂️🇯🇵


2019/06/20 8:41:052019/06/20 9:44:441051
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/06/18

June 18th is onigiri day in Japan. The 6th month was chosen because a fossilized Yayoi period rice ball was found in Rokusei-machi, in Ishikawa, and “roku” rhymes with 6. The 18 comes from the kanji “kome” 米, which broken down, looks like 10 and 8. 🍙

6月18日は日本の「おにぎりの日」です。石川県の鹿西町 (ろくせいまち) の杉谷チャノバタケ遺跡で弥生時代に作られた炭化したおにぎりの化石が発見されました。鹿西町の名前から6 (ロク) と、米食の日 (米という漢字をバラバラにすると十と八となることから) に因んで、町おこし一環として6月18日に「おにぎりの日」を制定したそうです。🍙

2019/06/18 18:10:072019/06/19 11:54:251050
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/06/10

We updated our list of emergency numbers needed by Japan residents and visitors, on this page, including a CSV download, adding a number for the "Tokyo Rape Crisis Center". Please share with your friends. 🚨

日本の居住者及び訪日外客向けに、弊社で作成した緊急連絡先一覧表をこのページで更新いたしました。CSVダウンロードが可能となっており、「東京・強姦救援センター(Tokyo Rape Crisis Center)」のリンク情報が追加されております。万が一の事態に備えて、ご友人・知人の方にこの情報を共有頂き、ご利用ください。 🚨

2019/06/10 8:54:432019/06/10 9:55:491049
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/05/27

See our updated list of useful Japan apps (added Tokyo Metropolitan police "digi-police" anti-crime app), as well as pages related to Japan Disaster information, and Japan emergency phone numbers (with CSV download). 🚀

日本での役立つアプリ一覧を更新いたしました (東京警察庁の「digi-police」防犯アプリを追加)。又、日本自然災害情報に関連するページも、日本での緊急連絡先一覧 (CSVダウンロード含め)、非常事態に備えて是非ご確認頂きますようお願いいたします。 🚀

2019/05/27 10:22:022019/05/27 10:22:021048
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/05/20

PSA for Japan visitors: Volcanic alert level raised for Hakone area. Be aware if you are intending to travel there, that there may be delays or complete closures of the all-important ropeways in the area. 🌋

訪日外客への警報: 箱根地区の火口周辺警報によると噴火警戒レベルが上がりました。箱根周辺の観光予定がある場合、現地の主要ロープウェイ及び路線ルートの運休または閉鎖になる可能性がありますので、ご注意ください。🌋

2019/05/20 7:41:242019/05/20 9:15:461046

PLACEHOLDER Microsoft is now using the Chromium web rendering engine in its Edge browser.

2019/03/29 16:09:282019/03/29 16:16:201044
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/04/01

The new Japan "gengou" era name was announced, and it is «Reiwa» 令和. The 239th such era, Reiwa comprises daily-use kanji from a Manyoshu poem, that may be translated as auspicious or orderly or calm, and, peace or harmony, respectively. April is the last month of Heisei, and the Reiwa era will formally begin from May 1st, 2019. Our most sincere wishes for peace on earth, and goodwill to all people. 🇯🇵㊗️


2019/04/01 15:17:142019/04/01 16:17:171045
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/03/27

PSA: Apple has released macOS 10.14.4, but if you use Apple with Google Mail, then you may want to wait. There are reports of problems. 

警報: AppleはmacOS 10.14.4をリリースしましたが、Gmail アカウントの承認に関連する問題が報告されていますので、もしGoogle Mail をApple Mail.appと一緒にご使用の場合は、こちらのアップデートをお待ちになることをお勧めします。

2019/03/27 15:58:172019/03/27 16:36:531043
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/03/26

Japan Ministry of Justice will accept foreign national visa renewals online starting 25 July 2019, from employers and agents, who can apply for use of the system from this coming Fri, 29 Mar 2019. MOJ states the system will be free to use & available 24x7. 🇯🇵


2019/03/26 18:32:222019/03/27 11:35:551042
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/03/18

Is your Japan branch using Era Year Names (元号, げんごう, gengou) in any apps? If so, you should look into whether a patch or upgrade is needed, for the upcoming name change in May. eSolia can help, so please do not hesitate to ask us. 🇯🇵

皆様の日本支社で元号のあるアプリケーションを使用しておりますでしょうか?今年5月に予定されている元号更新に合わせて、アプリケーションの新元号対応が必要となります。新元号対応についてのご不明点等がございましたら、弊社のお問い合わせ までご連絡くださいませ。

2019/03/18 10:37:342019/03/18 10:49:031041
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/03/11

Eight years ago at about 14:46 on 11th March 2011, Tohoku Japan got hit with a massive earthquake and tsunami. Our thoughts are with them as they still rebuild even today. Please have a look at our web pages for Disaster Preparedness, and install an app like NHK World TV, that will give you multilingual information in case of a disaster. 💓


2019/03/11 8:36:402019/03/11 10:11:071040
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/03/07

PSA: Vulnerabilities have been discovered in Google Chrome versions prior to 72.0.3626.121, which could allow a hacker to remotely execute code. Google has released an update, which we recommend you apply immediately.

警報: Google Chromeでは72.0.3626.121より前のバージョンには脆弱性が発見されており、ハッカーがセキュリティをバイパス (回避) し、遠隔操作・プログラム実行する可能性があります。 Googleは更新プログラムをリリースしましたので、今すぐ更新することをお勧めします。

2019/03/07 9:18:452019/03/07 9:18:451039
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/02/07

PSA: Mizuho bank has a temporary service suspension this weekend through Tue 12 Feb 8AM, related to system upgrades. ATMs and other services cannot be used during this period, so you should withdraw money today, if needed. (Note that this is one of several such suspensions to be aware of.)


2019/01/13 20:05:362019/01/13 20:05:361034

Yumeno Nito's Bus Café / Tsubomi Café.

「Tsubomi Cafe」という10代向けの無料夜バスカフェは、様々な背景を持つ中高生に利用してもらうための場を提供しています。改装したバスを拠点に、渋谷、新宿で定期的に開催していますので、最新情報はtwitterからご確認頂けます。

2018/12/31 9:35:452019/01/29 13:36:461029
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/01/29

PSA: Apple’s FaceTime has a serious bug that lets people remotely listen in via your mobile's mic, without your permission. Looks like Apple will fix soon and may have disabled it server-side, but disable just in case. iOS Settings > pull down > search "facetime" > open and toggle off.

警報: AppleのFaceTimeで、通話前に相手の音声が聞こえるという重大なバグが発見されました。アップルはまもなくそのバグを修正する予定で、既にサーバー側で無効設定を行った模様です。念のためご自身のiPhone上でFaceTimeを無効に設定してください。iOS設定 > 画面を下に引っ張って”FaceTime"を検索 > タップして無効に設定。

2019/01/29 13:37:262019/01/29 14:29:381038
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/01/17

International residents, workers, and students in Tokyo: the Tokyo Metropolitan Gov't held its annual disaster drill Wed 16 Jan 2019.


2019/01/17 9:07:272019/01/17 9:29:291037
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/01/15

Surely remembering some tragic incidents on the Shinkansen, the Japan Gov't is planning tests to keep dangerous items off trains. We will have to see how it plays out, but good security is generally inconvenient.


2019/01/08 7:12:032019/01/13 19:59:161031
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/01/14

International residents, workers, and students in Tokyo: the Tokyo Metropolitan Gov't is holding its annual disaster drill Wed 16 Jan 2019.


2019/01/17 9:04:292019/01/17 9:24:361036
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/01/11

PSA: Mizuho bank has a temporary service suspension this weekend through Tue 15 Jan 8AM, related to system upgrades. ATMs and other services cannot be used during this period, so you should withdraw money today, if needed. (Note that this is one of several such suspensions to be aware of.)


2019/01/13 20:02:422019/01/13 20:02:421033
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/01/09

Visitors and residents, Japan has started newly collecting a "departure tax" of 1000 yen, for anyone departing Japan. This goes for nationals, foreign residents or visitors. 💸🇯🇵


2019/01/08 7:09:552019/01/09 14:35:291030
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2019/01/04

Happy New Year! Thank you one and all for your support during 2018, and may your 2019 be happy, healthy and prosperous. 🎉


2019/01/08 7:12:382019/01/09 14:31:071032
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/12/28

The eSolia year-end holiday starts today Dec 2​8​ (Fri)​ from 12:00​, and runs through Jan ​6 ​(Sun), 2019​. We will be back in the office from the 7th, and wish everyone a restful break! "Yoi otoshi wo!" 🏝🇯🇵

イソリアは勝手ながら、年末年始休暇を 本日2018/12/28(金)12:00 から 201​9/1/4​(金)までの日程とさせていただきます。201​9/1/7(月)から通常営業を再開いたします。それでは、良いお年を迎えください。来年もよろしくお願いいたします! 🏝🇯🇵

2018/12/28 7:45:012018/12/28 7:58:421028
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/12/21

Regarding the recent ongoing parade of Facebook scandals, leaks and security problems, eSolia has made the decision to close its Facebook page effective immediately.


2018/12/21 9:27:172018/12/21 9:41:531027
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/12/19

PSA: if you're a Tokyo station user, you'll soon notice announcements requesting us to stand on both sides of the escalator. This is for rider safety, according to JR. 🇯🇵🚈🔶

警報: 東京駅の利用者は既にご存知かもしれませんが、JR東日本は2018年12月17日(月)から翌年2月1日(金)まで、マナーとして定着している「エスカレーター片側空け」の危険性対策として、エスカレーター歩行対策を実施し始め、エスカレーターの両側で立ち留まって乗るように呼び掛けています。🇯🇵🚈🔶

2018/12/19 8:34:582018/12/19 18:33:381026
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/12/18

On the heels of the revised immigration control law, the Japan gov't is planning "translation systems" at 100 consultation office locations nationwide, to help cope with the expected influx of foreign nationals in the next few years. We shall see if these and other measures are actually effective. 🇯🇵


2018/12/18 8:11:332018/12/19 8:21:271025
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/12/17

Looking forward to the rugby world cup next year, Beppu has put together a page with maps of "onsen" hot springs that welcome visitors with tattoos. Visitors can plan ahead this way. ♨️🇯🇵


2018/12/17 8:19:372018/12/17 10:19:061024
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/12/14

PSA: Mizuho bank has a temporary service suspension this weekend through Mon 17 Dec 8AM, related to system upgrades. ATMs and other services cannot be used during this period, so you should withdraw money today, if needed. (Note that this is one of several such suspensions to be aware of.)


2018/12/14 11:43:012018/12/14 14:55:151023
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/11/19

Labor Thanksgiving Day has been a national holiday each Nov 23 since World War II, in which Japanese people show their gratitude for labor, and has also traditionally been the day the Shinto "Niinamesai" ceremony is held. "Niinamesai" is a harvest festival performed by the emperor (and at many shrines in Japan), in which he harvests rice he planted himself, offering it and newly produced sake to the goddess Amaterasu. In doing so, he gives thanks for the year’s harvest, and prays for a bountiful next year. 🇯🇵🍁


2018/11/29 15:06:572018/11/29 15:14:431022
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/11/16

Japan's Cabinet has OK'ed a bill to make 2019's Golden Week a 10 day holiday starting on Sat 27 April, because of the Imperial succession. Mon 29 April, 3-6 May are already holidays, and so 30 April and 2 May are also being made into holidays. 🇯🇵


2018/11/16 9:09:372018/11/29 15:12:291021
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/11/12

Learners of Japanese language, it's that time of year again. Each November, Jiyukokuminsha publishes the "U-Can New Words and Buzzwords" Japan neologisms list. This past year we saw the #metoo movement, Japan Rail's first-ever planned service suspension during a typhoon, and "Sho-Time!" cheering on the versatile LA Angels baseball player Sho Otani. Is it "mogumogu" (snack) time yet? Sodanē...

日本語学習者にとって日本語の新語と流行語を学ぶ時期がやって来ました。毎年11月に(株)自由国民社(ユーキャン)が「現代用語の基礎知識」選ユーキャン新語・流行語大賞 ノミネート語を発表しております。今年は、#MeToo 運動、日本鉄道各社が台風対策として初めて行った計画運休、そして、LAエンジェルスで活躍されている二刀流大谷翔平選手に因んだ翔タイム(Sho time)などがノミネートされています。

2018/11/10 12:44:392018/11/12 10:44:031020
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/11/09

PSA: Mizuho bank has a temporary service suspension this weekend through Mon 12 Nov 8AM, related to system upgrades. ATMs and other services cannot be used during this period, so you should withdraw money today, if needed. (Note that this is one of several such suspensions to be aware of.)


2018/11/09 12:34:572018/11/09 19:01:451018
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/11/05

See the works of an artist who changed the way the world thinks about art. The works of Marcel Duchamp are being displayed alone, and alongside Japanese art, to let you ponder his unique and humorous perspective about "what is art". Showing through 9 Dec 2018 at the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park, but please confirm dates on the official (Japanese) website. 🍷

人々の西洋美術の価値観に大きな影響を与えた、マルセル・デュシャン。彼の作品と日本美術作品を比べてもともと西洋とは異なった社会環境のなかで作られた日本の美術の意味や、価値観を浮かび上がらせ、日本の美の楽しみ方を新たに見つけられるでしょう。展示は12月9日から東京都美術館にて。ウェブサイト 🍷

2018/11/02 19:40:002018/11/05 20:17:201017
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/11/02

Culture Day, on November 3rd, is a Japan national holiday. Emperor Meiji’s birthday was celebrated on this day, but after WWII, since the constitution of Japan was also promulgated on Nov 3rd, it became the day for people to express their love of freedom and peace and to promote culture. 🇯🇵

11月3日は文化の日。文化の日とは、日本国憲法が交付された日で、この憲法が自由と平和に基づく文化国家の建設を理想としていることから「文化の日」とされました。元々は明治天皇の御誕生日を祝うための日でしたが、第二次世界大戦後に文化の日とされました。 🇯🇵

2018/11/02 19:40:002018/11/02 19:46:051016
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/11/01

The weather is pleasantly cool and crisp, finally very fall-like. From 3 Nov through 9 Dec, you can visit 9 parks and join the Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Autumn Leaves Stamp Rally. The first 10000 people to get stamps from 5 of 9 gardens, can get a 2019 calendar. Stamp cards are available at the gardens, such as Hamarikyu Garden or Rikugien. Take the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of fall in stunning beauty. 🍁


2018/10/23 16:37:062018/11/02 19:44:311014
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/31

What is looking, and what is seeing? Have a think about this concept at the SHIMURAbros "Seeing is Believing" exhibition at the Pola Museum Annex in Ginza Tokyo, through 4 Nov 2018.

SHIMURAbrosによる展覧会、Seeing Is Believing 見ることは信じることが銀座のPola Museum Annexにて11月4日まで開催。あなたがみているのは本当の世界なのか?『見る』という行為の本質を問いかける作品をお楽しみください。

2018/11/10 12:10:512018/11/10 12:12:051019
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/29

Japan visitors, if you'd like to visit all over Japan but don't quite have the time, you might enjoy the Furusato Fair 2018, held at Yokohama's Aka-renga Warehouse near Sakuragicho, 2~4 Nov. Enjoy delicious food from Okinawa to Hokkaido, and feel like you visited all over Japan! Enjoy a fireworks display from around 17:00 on Nov 3rd, as well! 🍣🎇


2018/10/23 16:37:062018/11/02 19:43:041013
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/27

Looking for a different way to get your thrills on Halloween? How about taking in "The Scream" at the Edvard Munch Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitain Art Museum in Ueno. You'll be able to see 100 of the Norwegian painter's works spanning 60 years, from 27 Oct 2018, through 20 Jan 2019. 😱

ハロウィンには『叫び』がつきものですよね。上野の東京都美術館で10月27日から1月20日まで展示されているムンク展―共鳴する魂の叫びに行ってみてはいかがですか?初来日の『叫び』の他に100点もの作品が展示されます。約60年に渡るムンクの歴史をお楽しみください。 😱

2018/10/23 15:53:522018/10/26 8:19:351012
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/26

If you're in Tokyo on 28 Oct from ~11AM, don't miss the "Oedo-kakki" parade, part of the Nihonbashi-Kyobashi Matsuri festival. This area was the starting point connecting old Edo to all points in Japan via the Tokaido road, so this festival parade has 2000 participants performing regional dances from all over Japan (like the Yosakoi-odori from Edo, and the Hanagasa-odori from Yamagata), starting in Kyobashi 2-chome near MEIDI-YA. Wasshoi! 🇯🇵


2018/10/23 15:53:522018/10/25 7:37:311011
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/25

Japan visitors, if you're in Tottori Prefecture this weekend, visit Yonago-shi and see the Shigeru Mizuki road. It has bronze statues of famous "yokai" ghosts and demons from his beloved "GeGeGe no Kitaro" stories, like the cat girl or Kitaro himself. On 27 Oct, you can see the Yokai Halloween event, with people dressed up as the characters. Sure to be scary! 👻


2018/10/23 17:42:552018/10/23 17:51:201015
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/24

Halloween is celebrated in a big way, around Tokyo's Shibuya district, in the evenings over 5 days from 27 Oct through 31 Oct. Get a costume at Don Quijote or Daiso, enjoy the Lantern Night Picnic at Yoyogi Park on the 27th, and see the "DJ Police" at Shibuya Crossing on the 31st. 🎃


2018/10/23 15:53:522018/10/23 17:43:531010
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/23

Japan visitors, if you are in Tokyo between Oct 27 and Nov 3, you might enjoy the Autumn Grand Festival, or "Aki-no-taisai" to be held at one of Japan's famous power spots and Japan's most-visited shrine, the Meiji Jingu Shrine. Nov 3 was Emperor Meiji's birthday, so there are special events that day, such as "yabusame" horse-mounted archery at 13:00. The shrine is near Harajuku, so you can also enjoy some shopping in the area. 🏹⛩️


2018/10/17 8:51:402018/10/23 8:42:391007
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/22

Japan visitors, if you happen to be on the island of Kyushu from Friday 26 Oct through Sunday 28 Oct, you can enjoy one of Kyushu's major matsuri festivals. Miyazaki Jingu shrine is dedicated to Jimmu, Japan's first emperor, and its big autumn festival, or "aki-no-taisai", is sure to be a colorful spectacle with portable "omikoshi" shrines and "shishimai" lions! They say if a shishimai bites you, you won't get sick. So find one, and get bit! ♌


2018/10/22 19:09:202018/10/22 19:16:521009
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/19

Oct 23rd 2018 is the start of the "霜降 Soukou" season, which, in the old "Sekki" 24-season solar term calendar marks the season with the first frost of autumn, when summer has completely ended. It's a beautiful season in Japan, and we really recommend taking full advantage of the delicious food and fall colors of this country in the fall. 🍁☀️

10月23日は霜降 (そうこう)。日本には季節を示す言葉は、四季の他に二十四節気があり、霜降は、夏が完全に終わり秋も深まって来た頃を示します。初霜や、山が紅葉で彩られるのもこの頃なので、ぜひもみじ狩りを楽しんでください。🍁☀️

2018/10/18 18:24:212018/10/19 8:43:101008
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/18

The meat festival held at the Showa Kinen Park near Tachikawa, Tokyo, through Oct 21 this weekend, is perfect to satisfy your "Autumn Appetite" (or "shokuyoku no aki" as it's called in Japan). After you enjoy some delicious meat, you can do some sports to work it off! 🍖🍗🍺 Food tickets are available for purchase at the festival for cash, but e-money like JR's "Suica" card is the most convenient. Be sure to charge it at the station, because you cannot re-charge on site.


2018/10/17 8:51:402018/10/17 9:01:231006
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/17

Japan visitors, if you are in Tokyo this weekend, you might enjoy the Kawagoe Festival, to be held at Kawagoe city on Oct 20th and 21st 2018. From about 19:00, you can see a kind of competition with "hayashi" traditional music, where festival floats compete against each other in the big highlight of the show, the "Hikkawase." 🇯🇵


2018/10/16 14:48:442018/10/16 15:01:181005
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/16

Japan visitors, are you near Yokohama this weekend? You might enjoy the Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks Display, to be held at Katase Enoshima Beach, on Oct 20th 2018, from 18:00 to 18:45, with 3000 fireworks! 🎆 Touring the Enoshima area itself during the day, is also recommended! Come by train, not by car, as the traffic is usually terrible.


2018/10/16 11:35:082018/10/16 11:45:061004
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/15

Tokyo and Kyoto were ranked 1 and 2 as "favorite cities" by readers of the US magazine Conde Nast Traveler. Being based in Tokyo we love these destinations too, and have been helping businesses succeed in Japan since 1999. Ask us how!

アメリカの雑誌「コンデ・ナスト・トラベラー(Condé Nast Traveler)」が発表した世界で最も魅力的な都市(Best Cities in the World)ランキング」では東京と京都が1位と2位にランクインしました。イソリアは1999年設立以降東京を拠点に、外資系及び日本国内の企業様向けビジネス支援サービスを提供してまいりました。ITシステム全般に対するソリューション、及び、ITプロジェクト・マネージメントについてのご質問やお問い合わせがございましたら、是非イソリアまでご連絡ください!

2018/10/11 8:11:462018/10/16 8:49:081003
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/12

Google has decided to shutter their Google+ network for consumers, by end of Aug 2019, but will maintain it will in some form for enterprises. You can download your data before that.

Googleは一般ユーザー向けに提供しているGoogle+サービスを2019年8月末で閉鎖することを決定しました。法人ユーザー向けには何等かの形でサービス維持されるとの推測です。一般ユーザーは終了期間までに お使いのアカウント データのコピーをダウンロードできます。

2018/10/10 8:14:272018/10/10 10:18:511002
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/11

PSA: fall is Asian giant hornet mating season in Japan, when these potentially dangerous insects get particularly aggressive. If you're in the country or on a hike: no perfume, wear white, stay quiet, and move away calmly and slowly if you see them.

警報:日本の秋はオオスズメバチの繁殖期のため、特に攻撃的になる時期でもあります。 郊外やハイキングでは、「香水をつけない、白い服装の着用、で、オオスズメバチを見かけたら静かに冷静に移動」、を心掛けしましょう。

2018/10/08 20:33:402018/10/09 14:55:571001
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/10

iOS 12 Tip: you can now Airdrop passwords. Go to Settings, Accounts and Passwords, select the password to share, long press on the password, then use the popup option to Airdrop the password to someone else.

iOS 12 ヒント: Airdropを使ったパスワード共有が可能になりました。「設定」>「パスワードとアカウント」> 「WebサイトとAppのパスワード」へ移動、共有するパスワードを選択し、パスワードを長押しして、ポップアップオプションを使用してパスワードを共有する連絡先を選択します。

2018/10/06 21:57:372018/10/09 15:10:26999
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/09

PSA: Mozilla Foundation remains transparent about any security vulnerabilities found in the Firefox browser, but you should update to the latest version, to thwart attacks. eSolia can help keep your systems upgraded. Contact us if you need any help!

警報: Mozilla Foundationは、Firefoxブラウザに見られるセキュリティ上の脆弱性については透明性をもって公開していますが、ユーザーとしてはそれらの攻撃を防ぐには最新版のダウンロードが必要です。御社のシステム更新についてお手伝いいたします。お助けが必要であればお問い合わせ までご連絡ください。

2018/10/06 9:54:452018/10/09 14:46:11998
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/08

Japan visitors, are you near Yokohama? You might enjoy the Oktoberfest beer festival being held next to Akarenga Warehouse, thru Sunday 14 Oct 2018. Ein Prosit! 🇯🇵🍺🇩🇪

訪日外客へ: 横浜近隣を訪れる予定があれば、横浜赤レンガ倉庫の近くで10月14日(日)までに開催されるビール祭り横浜オクトーバーフェスト2018 を訪れてみてはいかがでしょうか。アインプロージット! 🇯🇵🍺🇩🇪
2018/10/08 8:11:082018/10/09 14:42:551000
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/05

See our updated list of useful Japan apps, as well as pages related to Japan Disaster information, and Japan emergency phone numbers (with CSV download). 🚀

日本での役立つアプリ一覧を更新いたしました。又、日本自然災害情報に関連するページも、日本での緊急連絡先一覧 (CSVダウンロード含め)、非常事態に備えて是非ご確認頂きますようお願いいたします。 🚀

2018/10/04 18:02:492018/10/09 14:38:33997
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/03

PSA: it seems that clever voice phishing, or "vishing" schemes are really a thing now. Unfortunately, we all have to be aware of what criminals are doing, and be alert enough to not fall for such a scam.

警告: 日本で多発しているオレオレ詐欺と似たようなケースで、巧妙な声でのフィッシング詐欺「vishing」や"詐欺"の仕組み事態はよりずる賢くなっています (英文)。 残念ながら、このような犯罪者が存在している事を私たちは認識しなければいけないうえ、そのような詐欺に引っかからないよう日頃から常に警戒しなければなりません。

2018/10/03 8:41:552018/10/09 14:31:26996
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/02

PSA: Mozilla has released "Firefox Monitor", a site that checks your email addresses against known security breaches. Scan your email, and change the passwords of any sites it flags.

警報: Mozillaは情報漏洩のチェック可能なサービス"Firefox Monitor"を提供開始しました。使用されている電子メールをスキャンし、フラグを立てたサイトが表示されましたら、その電子メール用のパスワード変更を行ってください。

2018/10/02 8:25:562018/10/06 9:45:40995
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/10/01

iOS 12 New Features Series: Apple Music now supports searching by song lyrics.

iOS 12 新機能 シリーズ: Apple Musicは歌詞から曲を検索することが可能になりました。

2018/09/18 17:27:332018/10/06 9:15:10991
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/09/30

PSA: Typhoon Trami moving up Japan now, Tokyo area evening Sun 30 Sept. JR East is suspending all train operations from 8pm. Take precautions and expect travel disruption. 🌀🌀

警報:台風トラミー(Trami)は本日9月30日18時頃から日本東京エリアに上陸する予定です。JR東日本山手線など首都圏のJR在来線 午後8時以降はすべて運転を取りやめ。災害対策処置を取り、不要・不急な外出や旅行を控えてください。🌀🌀
2018/09/30 16:08:242018/09/30 16:15:20994
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/09/28

iOS 12 New Features Series: the new "Measure" app lets you measure the dimensions of objects around you. This is based on "ARKit", an augmented-reality software library which we should see more apps taking advantage of over time.

iOS 12 新機能 シリーズ: 新しい 「計測 (Measure)」アプリは「ARKit」(拡張現実感ソフトウェアライブラリ)の技術に基づいて、物体のサイズや面積を測定できるようになりました。その技術を活用してその他のアプリも徐々に進化することでしょう。

2018/09/18 17:27:332018/10/09 14:40:36990
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/09/27

PSA: companies using Cisco products should be aware of the "FragmentSmack" Denial-of-Service (DoS) vulnerability / bug, and make appropriate arrangements. Don't hesitate to ask eSolia if you need assistance.

警報: シスコ製品をご利用中の企業様は「FragmentSmack」のサービス拒否攻撃 (DoS) 脆弱性/バグについてご認識頂き、適切な手配を行って頂く必要があります。本件に関するご質問やお問い合わせがございましたら、お気軽にイソリア迄ご連絡ください。

2018/09/27 8:20:502018/10/06 9:09:17993
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/09/27

iOS 12 New Features Series: Do Not Disturb is enhanced, with the ability to enable for a set period, until a location is left, or until the end of an event.

iOS 12 新機能 シリーズ: お休みモードの機能はさらに強化されました。設定された一定の時間まで、特定の場所から出発するまで、または、特定のイベント終了まで、などの設定が選択できるようになりました。

2018/09/18 17:27:332018/10/06 9:03:50989
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/09/26

iOS 12 New Features Series: Photos has various new features that help you with sharing, searching and so on. In other words, it's more like Google Photos now.

iOS 12 新機能 シリーズ:写真には共有や検索などの様々な新機能が追加されました。いわゆるGoogle フォトのようなフォトギャラリーのイメージです。

2018/09/18 17:27:332018/10/06 9:03:33988
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/09/26

iOS 12 Security Series 5/5: Enable 2-factor authentication for your iOS devices. Go to Settings > tap your name > Password & Security, and enable "Two Factor Authentication".

iOS 12 セキュリティ シリーズ 5/5: iOSデバイス上の2ファクタ認証を有効化するには、「設定」>ご自身のアカウント名をタップ >「パスワードとセキュリティ」、「2ファクタ認証」をオンに設定します。

2018/09/18 17:27:332018/10/06 9:02:53983
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/09/25

iOS 12 Security Series 4/5: we believe that security patches should be applied quickly, so we usually turn on "Automatic Updates" in Settings > General > Software Update.

iOS 12 セキュリティ シリーズ 4/5: 私たちはセキュリティパッチを素早く適用させる必要があると考えておりますので、「設定」> 「一般」> 「ソフトウェアアップデート」の「自動更新」をオンに設定します。

2018/09/18 17:27:322018/09/26 17:44:41982
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/09/25

iOS 12 New Features Series: FaceTime will allow you to talk with up to 32 people at once, later this fall.

iOS 12 新機能 シリーズ: FaceTimeでは今年の秋以降には一度にお話しできる人数は最大32人になります。

2018/09/18 17:27:332018/10/06 9:01:16987
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See our updated pages related to Japan Disaster information, including a list of Japan emergency phone numbers (with CSV download) and a list of useful Japan apps. 🚀

日本自然災害情報に関連するページを更新いたしました。日本での緊急連絡先一覧 (CSVダウンロード含め)及び日本での役立つアプリ一覧が含まれておりますので、非常事態に備えて是非ご確認頂きますようお願いいたします。 🚀

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iOS 12 New Features Series: emergency SOS is now able to share your location with the emergency responder (e.g. 911 in the USA). We hope this feature is adopted widely in the countries where iPhones are in use.

iOS 12 新機能 シリーズ: 緊急SOSは緊急時対応者(例:米国の911など)と現在地情報を共有できるようになりました。この機能がiPhoneが使用されている国で広く採用されることを願っています。

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iOS 12 New Features Series: in Settings > Siri & Search, you can set up "Siri Shortcuts" that are like macros for common tasks you do, triggered by a command to Siri.

iOS 12 新機能 シリーズ:「設定」>「Siriと検索」で、「Siriショートカット」によって頻繁に実行する操作にショートカットを割り当てて、Siriに命令すれば実行できるようになります。

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iOS 12 Security Series 3/5: set a stronger device passcode in Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, selecting "Custom Numeric Code" and setting it to 6 or 8 digits.

iOS 12 セキュリティ シリーズ 3/5: より強化されたデバイスのパスワード設定するには、「設定」>「Touch IDとパスコード」から、アルファベットと数字が混合した「カスタムの英数字コード」、もしくは、数字のみの「カスタムの数字コード」で6桁または8桁のパスコードを設定します。

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iOS 12 Security Series 2/5: if you use the IOS password manager to enter your passwords, you can now see which of your passwords might be compromised. Open Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Website & App Passwords, and notice the small warning symbol next to accounts with the same password as another site. Find such sites and change their passwords.

iOS 12 セキュリティ シリーズ 2/5: IOSパスワードマネージャーの利用でパスワードを入力されている場合、漏洩の可能性のあるパスワードの確認は今できるようになりました。「設定」>「パスワードとアカウント」>「AppとWebサイトのパスワード」を開き、別のサイトと同じパスワードを持つアカウントの横に小さな警告記号が表示されていることを確認します。 そのようなサイトがあれば、パスワードの変更を行ってください。

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iOS 12 Security Series 1/5: Apple released its latest update to iOS, the OS on iPhone and iPad. We'll post a few security-related updates over the next few days. First: restrict what can be done from your lock screen in Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. The new feature as of iOS 12 is "USB accessories" which helps prevent hacking attacks, but you can also restrict the ability to use Siri or your Wallet etc., from your locked iPhone.

iOS 12 セキュリティ シリーズ 1/5: AppleはiPhoneとiPad用のOSに対して、最新のiOSアップデートをリリースしました。数日中に渡って、セキュリティ関連のアップデートをいくつか掲載いたします。 まず、「設定」> 「Touch IDとパスコード」のロック画面から使用機能を制限します。 iOS 12の新機能にあるハッキング攻撃の防止に役立つ「USBアクセサリ」は、ロックされたiPhoneからSiriやウォレットなどを使用する機能を制限することもできます。

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iOS 12 New Features Series: iOS 12 was released yesterday, and besides the greatly improved performance (even for older hardware), one useful feature is in Settings > Screen Time. Use it to see and even limit how much time you are spending in various apps, and even share the information across devices.

iOS 12 新機能 シリーズ: iOS 12は昨日リリースされました。大幅に向上したパフォーマンス(特に古いハードウエアの場合でも)のほか、「設定」>「スクリーンタイム」は便利な機能の一つです。様々なアプリで費やした時間を確認したり、制限したり、デバイス間でその情報を共有することさえもできます。

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In addition to our Planned Power Outage Management page, see our latest page by engineering manager H. Maezono, about Disposal and Recycling of IT assets such as old PCs, network equipment or printers. Request info today, for more on how eSolia can assist you manage your IT in Japan.


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Japan visitors: recent natural disasters in Kansai and Hokkaido Japan show that you should never underestimate the power of Mother Nature. Japan has the "J-ALERT" disaster alert system, and there is a way to get those alerts in English. Get “NHK WORLD TV” on your App Store (available for Android also), and enable quake and tsunami alerts in settings. Learn more on eSolia's new page about the J-ALERT system.

訪日外客へ:最近関西及び北海道で発生した自然災害から、私たちは決して大自然の力を過小評価してはいけないという事を示しています。日本では”J-ALERT”(全国瞬時警報システム)が運用されており、英語版アラートの受信も可能です。アップルストア(アンドロイドユーザーにも対応)から “NHK WORLD TV” をダウンロードし、地震と津波のアラートを受け取る設定を行ってください。イソリアのウェブサイトの新 J-ALERT ページからこのシステムの詳細をご確認頂けます。そして、日本居住者の皆様へのお願いでございます。日本滞在中もしくは訪問予定のある外国人のご友人やお知り合いがいらっしゃるのであれば、こちらの情報を皆様に共有頂きますようお願いいたします。

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Are you familiar with the "virtual contact file" or "vCard" format, for exchanging contact information? We published an eSolia vCard, which you can easily import into your Address Book. vCards make it easy for you to send your contact information such as your name, email, telephone, web URL, and even your photo or logo, to another person.

連絡先交換のための”仮想連絡先ファイル”または”vCard" フォーマットについてご存知でしょうか?簡単にアドレス帳に読み込みできるイソリア vCardを公開しましたので、是非お試しください。 vCardを使用すると、名前、Eメール、電話番号、Web URL、写真やロゴなど、ご自身の連絡先情報を簡単に他の人に送信できます。

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Japan visitors in Hokkaido? Our thoughts are with you after the recent devastating earthquake. Note that, NTT Docomo is offering free mobile device recharging at select locations in Hokkaido. Please tell your friends and colleagues.

北海道での地震により被災された皆様へ、心よりお見舞い申し上げます。皆様のご安全と1日も早い復興をお祈り申し上げます。 NTTドコモは、北海道の一部の地域で無料のモバイルデバイス充電サービスを提供していますので、ご友人やお知り合いの方にこの情報をお伝えください。

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Tokyo Waterworks started offering multilingual support in not only the original English, but also four additional languages: Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. When you call them, they conference in a 3rd party translator. See eSolia's big list of Japan Emergency Contacts for this and other numbers.


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PSA Series: Tips to Avoid Ransomware 6/6. Install and use a VPN, especially if you use wifi at cafés, airports or train stations. Don't connect your system directly to the Internet. If you allow remote access, don't allow it permanently but only on a case-by-case basis.

警報シリーズ: ランサムウェア(Ransomware)の感染回避ヒント6/6。特にカフェ、空港、または、駅周辺でwifiを使用する際には、必ずVPNをインストールのうえ使用ください。システムを直接インターネットへの接続を避けるようにしてください。リモートアクセスを許可する場合、継続的なアクセス許可ではなく、接続必要時のみ許可するようにしてください。

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PSA Series: Tips to Avoid Ransomware 5/6. Individuals should install and use anti-virus and anti-malware software. On a company machine, do not disable any security measures which are put in place by your IT department.

警報シリーズ: ランサムウェア(Ransomware)の感染回避ヒント5/6。個人ユーザーは、アンチウィルス及びアンチマルウェアのソフトウェアをインストールのうえ使用してください。会社用のパソコンにおいては、IT部門による実行セキュリティ対策方法を無効設定せずに、必ず有効にしてください。

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PSA Series: Tips to Avoid Ransomware 4/6. Install updates, especially security updates, when they come out, whether you are a Windows, Mac, or Linux user.

警報シリーズ: ランサムウェア(Ransomware)の感染回避ヒント4/6。Windows、Mac、またはLinux のいずれのユーザーであっても、更新プログラム(特にセキュリティ更新)のお知らせが表示された際には必ず更新プログラムのインストールを行ってください。

2018/08/26 9:05:482018/08/28 15:16:35970
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PSA Series: Tips to Avoid Ransomware 3/6. Do not download or install cracked (stolen) software, or software from unknown sources. Never open attachments unless you are absolutely sure of their origin.

警報シリーズ: ランサムウェア(Ransomware)の感染回避ヒント3/6。クラックされた(盗まれた)ソフトウェア、または、情報源不明なソフトウェアのダウンロードやインストールを行わないでください。情報源不明な添付ファイルを開封しないでください。

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Tokyo English Life Line TELL is holding their annual "Tokyo Tower Climb" on Sept 9th 2018, to raise awareness of mental health issues and World Suicide Prevention Day on Sept 10th. Signup by Sept 4th at

特定非営利活動法人「東京英語いのちの電話(TELL)」は、9月10日の世界自殺予防デーとメンタルヘルス問題に対する意識を高めるために、2018年9月9日にチャリティーイベント「東京タワー階段レース」を開催します。参加ご希望の方は 9月4日までにwww.telltowerclimb.comで申込を行ってください。

2018/08/30 8:54:392018/08/30 10:44:45973
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PSA Series: Tips to Avoid Ransomware 2/6. Besides backing up, use a unique password per site or system, make your passwords difficult, and store them in an encrypted vault like Zetetic's Codebook.

警報シリーズ:ランサムウェア(Ransomware)の感染回避ヒント2/6。データのバックアップ以外に、各サイトや各システムに対して独特で複雑なパスワードを使用し、そのパスワードをZetetic社の Codebookのような暗号化された格納域に格納します。

2018/08/26 9:05:482018/08/28 16:06:11968
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PSA Series: Tips to Avoid Ransomware 1/6. Ransomware is software installed on your computer that encrypts your files. The only way to get your files back is to pay the criminals who installed it, usually via bitcoin or another crypto currency. The first line of defense is to keep good backups.

警報シリーズ: ランサムウェア(Ransomware)の感染回避ヒント1/6。ランサムウエアはマルウェアの一種で、インストールされたコンピューターのファイルを暗号化します。ファイルを元に戻す唯一の方法はインストールした犯罪者に、ビットコインまたは別の暗号通貨で代金支払います。第一線の防衛策としては、データの有効なバックアップを維持することです。

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PSA: If you're a T-Mobile user, take note that they had a security breach. Change your password.

警報: T-mobileのユーザーは同社にセキュリティー侵害があったことにご注意ください。直ちにご自身のパスワード変更を行ってください。

2018/08/26 8:33:022018/08/27 9:04:04966
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PSA series: limit the ability of advertisers to track you 5/5. Opt out of advertising based on your interests on any social networking platforms you use.

警報シリーズ: 広告主から追跡される可能性を制限するには(5/5)。使用しているソーシャルネットワーキングプラットフォームでご自身の興味に基づいて広告を表示しないようにします。

2018/08/17 12:40:102018/08/26 9:09:44964
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PSA series: limit the ability of advertisers to track you 4/5. On Macs and PCs, use a browser like Firefox Quantum with good privacy protection built in, or browser plugins such as uBlock Origin for ad blocking, or for tracker blocking. On mobile, you can use private browsers such as Firefox Focus or DuckDuckGo when discreet searching is required.

警報シリーズ: 広告主から追跡される可能性を制限するには(4/5)。MacとPCでは、優れたプライバシー保護機能を持つFirefox Quantum のようなブラウザ、またはuBlock Originなどのブラウザプラグインを使用して広告をブロック、または、Disconnect.meを使用してトラッカーブロックします。 モバイルでは、慎重に検索する必要がある場合は、Firefox FocusやDuckDuckGoなどのプライベートブラウザを使用できます。

2018/08/17 12:39:542018/08/26 9:08:57963
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PSA series: limit the ability of advertisers to track you 3/5. Visit, look at all the information Google has stored about you, and delete as needed.

警報シリーズ: 広告主から追跡される可能性を制限するには(3/5)。にアクセスし、Googleが保存したすべての情報を確認し、必要に応じて削除します。

2018/08/17 12:39:342018/08/26 9:09:09962
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PSA series: limit the ability of advertisers to track you 2/5. Periodically delete all cookies in your Internet browsers, since most of the time, this is how you’re being tracked.

警報シリーズ: 広告主から追跡される可能性を制限するには(2/5)。ほとんどの場合は使用するブラウザのCookieから追跡されていますので、定期的にインターネットブラウザのCookieを削除します。

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Japan visitors, are you in Tokyo next weekend? The weekend of 25th and 26th Aug 2018 has several matsuri festivals to enjoy, namely the Harajuku Omotesando Super Yosakoi near Meiji Jingu, the Azabu Juban Nouryo Matsuri, the Kouenji Awa Odori, and the Ooi Dontaku Natsu Matsuri. They are sure to be lively and colorful.

訪日外客へ: 来週末まで東京に滞在されるのであれば、8月25日(土)と26日(日)に開催予定の原宿表参道元氣祭スーパーよさこい麻布十番 納涼まつり東京高円寺阿波おどり大井どんたく夏祭りなどの活気のあるお祭りに参加してみてはいかがでしょうか。きっと楽しい思い出になります!

2018/08/17 11:56:332018/08/17 12:27:58959
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PSA series: limit the ability of advertisers to track you 1/5. Turn on "limit ad tracking" in iPhone Settings, Privacy, Advertising, and also tap "Reset Advertising Identifier", which is what advertisers use to track you. In Android, find the reset button in Google settings, Ads menu.

警報シリーズ: 広告主から追跡される可能性を制限するには(1/5)。iPhoneの設定、プライバシー、広告の順番で”追跡型広告を制限”をオン設定にし、”Advertising Identifierをリセットする”をタップします。Androidでは、Googleの設定、広告メニュからリセットボタンを見つけて設定します。

2018/08/17 12:06:332018/08/26 9:09:33960
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Unethical headhunters sometimes call eSolia posing as delivery company personnel needing information before they can deliver a package, but this is next level. Japan smartphone users should stay alert for SMS Phishing or "Smishing" attacks, where an SMS text message includes a link to install an app purportedly from Sagawa Express. We think it won't be long before public trust in other similar companies like Nittsu or Yamato are being abused in a similar fashion. (via The Japan Times)

倫理に反するヘッドハンターは、時々宅配業者の真似をして「イソリアの誰か宛に送付する小包郵便物がある」という口実にイソリア側受取人情報を聞きだす電話をしてくることはあります。日本のスマートフォンユーザーには、SMSテキストメッセージから佐川急便のアプリをインストールするリンクが含まれているSMSフィッシングまたは「スミッシング」攻撃について注意を喚起する必要があります。日通またはヤマトのような公衆信頼のある同類企業にも悪用されるのはそれほど時間がかからないだろう。(The Japan Timesより)

2018/08/19 11:07:172018/08/20 12:54:31965
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In the heat of Japan's summer, we give greetings like "shochu omimai moushiagemasu" (暑中お見舞い申し上げます) during the heat, and "zansho omimai moushiagemasu" (残暑お見舞い申し上げます) when it lingers in late summer, like now. The summer has been so hot that apparently even the bugs can't fly as usual. Take care out there! 🍧


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If you're in Tokyo and you like live music, it's still not too late to get tickets for SummerSonic in Chiba this weekend.


2018/08/17 11:22:102018/08/17 13:23:15958
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Version 67 of Google's Chrome browser has a feature called "site isolation" newly enabled by default. This is designed to mitigate the risk of attacks like "Spectre" by reducing the data available to the attacker. The trade-off is, Chrome now requires far more system memory, possibly making it a poor option for older systems.

Google Chromeブラウザのバージョン67は、”サイト分離”という機能がデフォルト設定で新しく有効になっています。これは、Webサイトをそれぞれ独立したプロセスへ隔離し、ユーザーデータが盗まれるのを防ぐ事が可能となっているため、“Spectre”のようなサイバー攻撃のリスクを軽減するために設計されたものです。その反面、Chromeは大幅なシステムメモリの増量が必要となり、旧式のシステムでは使用できない可能性があります。

2018/07/16 8:21:532018/07/17 14:18:09956
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Japan visitors, if you are in the Tokyo area this coming weekend, you might enjoy taking a day trip to see the Kumagaya Uchiwa Matsuri festival, in northern Saitama prefecture. This is one of the big annual summer festivals at and around Yasaka-jinja, a shrine with 400+ years of history, near JR Kumagaya station. The festival is held from 18:00 on Friday July 20th, continuing on Saturday and Sunday, July 21st and 22nd. (Map) 🇯🇵👘

訪日外客へ:今週末に関東エリアで滞在される場合、埼玉県北部の熊谷で行われるうちわ祭へ日帰り旅行で訪問してみてはいかがでしょうか。この祭りは JR熊谷駅の近隣にある400年以上の歴史を持つ八坂神社周辺で恒例の夏祭りのひとつです。7月20日(金)18時から21日(土)と22日(日)の週末に亘って開催されます。(地図) 🇯🇵👘

2018/07/13 12:11:432018/07/13 14:09:07955
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/07/13

Japan visitors, with the terrible flooding in western Japan, perhaps we need Gonsho-ji Temple's mizudome-no-mai festival more than ever. You can see it tomorrow, Saturday July 14th, 2018, from 13:00 to 15:00 (map).

訪日外客へ: 西日本では水害が発生した際に、厳正寺で行われる水止舞(龍神に雨がやむよう、「水止」の祈祷を捧げたところ雨は止み、人々は感謝の舞として、「水止舞」を捧げるようになったとの経緯)の奉納が必要かもしれません。水止舞の奉納日時は明日2018年7月14日13時~15時となっておりますので、こちらの(地図)をご確認のうえ、訪れてみてはいかがでしょうか。

2018/07/13 9:11:082018/07/13 9:31:40954
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Japan visitors: recent natural disasters in Japan and the boys rescued from the cave in Thailand show that you should never underestimate the power of Mother Nature. Japan has the "J-Alert" system, and there is a way to get those alerts in English. Get “NHK WORLD TV” on your App Store (available for Android also), and enable quake and tsunami alerts in settings.

訪日外客へ:最近日本で発生した自然災害、及び、タイの洞窟から救助された少年たちのニュースから、決して大自然の力を過小評価してはいけないという事を示しています。日本では”J-ALERT”(全国瞬時警報システム)があり、英語版アラートの受信も可能です。アップルストア(アンドロイドユーザーにも対応)から “NHK WORLD TV” を入手し、地震と津波のアラートを受け取る設定を行ってください。

2018/07/11 6:02:532018/07/11 9:25:57953
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Japan visitors, you may have noticed we don't have a "tip culture" in Japan, as gratuities are built into the price. But, you can leave a "Japanese Tip", which is when a restaurant patron folds the paper chopstick holder into an origami figure. Waiter Yuki Tatsumi collected samples from around Japan, and you can see a gallery of some of them. One person's trash is truly another person's treasure. (via Japan Times)

訪日外客へ: 日本では海外のような”チップ文化”はなく、サービス料として既に表示価格に含まれていることにお気づきでしょう。しかし、レストランにおいてある箸袋で折り紙を作ったユニークな”ジャパニーズ・チップ”を残すことはできます。ウェイターの辰巳 雄基さんは日本中から箸袋の折り紙サンプルを集めており、こちらのギャラリーからご覧になれます。「ある人のゴミは、他の人の宝」という諺のように、一見全く価値のない箸袋が様々な形の折り紙芸術として人々を楽しませています。(Japan Timesより)

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If you don't want Google to follow you to "personalize" the advertisements that are displayed to you, you can log into your Google account, then visit this page to opt out. Just toggle it off.


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🎉㊗️It's eSolia's 19th Anniversary! We founded eSolia Inc on 7th July 1999 for IT service excellence, and continued to improve over the last year. Thank you for another successful year!

🎉㊗️イソリア創立19周年記念! お陰様で無事19周年を迎える事が出来ました。1999年7月7日に優れたITサービスを提供するためにeSolia_Incを創立、去年も改善し続けております。今後も更なる飛躍を目指し、精進してまいりますので、なにとぞご支援ご愛顧を賜りますようお願い申し上げます。

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Japan visitors, if you're a "star crossed lover" (or not) and near Tokyo, you might want to take a day trip down to Hiratsuka, to see the big Tanabata summer festival there. 🎆🎉

訪日外客へ: 東京近隣に滞在されているのであれば、日帰り旅行で湘南へ湘南ひらつか七夕まつりを楽しんでみてはいかがでしょうか。

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Congratulations to Japan's soccer team "Samurai Blue" for a good showing in the World Cup, and for the exciting play! We hope they can build on this success for next time. ㊗️


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🎉eSolia is a sponsor of the world's fastest (and arguably best) static website generator Hugo, which just turned 5! Our sincere Congratulations to lead developer Bjørn Erik Pedersen, founder Steve Francia, and all the hardworking contributors to the project. ㊗️

🎉イソリアがスポンサーの一社となっている世界で最も迅速で静的サイトジェネレーターHugoはついに5周年記念を迎える事になりました。リード開発者のBjørn Erik Pedersen、創始者のSteve Francia、及びプロジェクトの貢献者の皆様に、心からお喜びを申し上げるとともに、今後ますますのご躍進を心よりお祈り致します。 ㊗️

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Japan's "National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience" (NIED) publishes the "J-SHIS Japan Seismic Hazard Information" Map, which shows active fault zones and other information. Visitors should take precautions and be aware of disaster evacuation zones. Ask your colleagues, friends or hotel.

防災科学技術研究所 (NIED)はJ-SHIS 地震ハザードステーションという、将来日本で発生する恐れのある地震による強い揺れを予測し、予測結果を地図として表した「「全国地震動予測地図」」を掲載しました。訪日外客は予防措置として、災害避難区域について確認しておきましょう。わからない事があれば、周りの同僚、ご友人や宿泊先に尋ねてください。

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HelloTalk is an interesting social platform for language learning. It has tools to let you easily correct learners of your native language, and to be corrected as you learn a second language.


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Japan visitors: if you're staying at an Airbnb or other P2P-style lodging, you should note that Japan local governments and police have started cracking down on illegal P2P operators based on a new law enacted in June 2018 to regulate so-called minpaku (民泊) vacation rentals. Airbnb delisted 10s of thousands of non-compliant lodgings, and major tourist destination Kyoto has also started cracking down. The bottom line is, travelers should re-confirm that your P2P lodging is legitimate, and because people are sensitive about this topic now, maintain a low profile during your stay.

訪日外客へ: 日本を訪れる予定のご友人・知人の方にも日本の民泊最新情報をお知らせください。2018年6月15日より施行された住宅宿泊事業法に基づき、日本の自治体や警察による違法民泊の摘発が行われる事になりました。AirbnbやP2P形式の宿泊施設を利用する場合は、この新民泊法についてご注意ください。Airbnbは既に住宅宿泊事業(民泊)の届出番号を取得していない数万件の違法民泊施設のリスティングを削除 しました。そして、主要観光地である京都でも違法民泊の取締りが始まりました。

2018/06/26 9:04:032018/09/21 20:59:00944
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We are grateful for the lifetime of work retired Professor Jim Breen and colleagues have put into WWWJDIC, an online Japanese dictionary we at eSolia use frequently. The Japan Times gives some background into the uber-useful site.


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Japan visitors: June in Japan is firefly season, so there are related night events to see. For example, the Tokyo Hotel Chinzanso's Firefly Fantasy through 4 July for hotel and restaurant customers, is a luxurious one, but there are also camping-style events. Triers can search for "hotaru", "蛍" and you're sure to find others.

訪日外客へ: 日本の6月はホタルシーズンのため、ホタルに関連する夜間イベントがいくつかあります。例えば、ホテル珍藏荘東京で宿泊客やレストラン利用客向けに、7月4日まで開催されるホタルファンタジーというイベントは豪華なものです。

2018/06/23 20:53:242018/06/27 8:05:21942
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PSA: Japan visitors who booked rooms via Prince Hotels Inc's official foreign-language website should note that data was stolen from the site run by Fastbooking Co., in a security breach. eSolia recommends that you take immediate action if your usage matches what is stated in the linked Japan Times article.

警報: 外国語利用サイトから日本のプリンスホテルを予約された訪日外客向けの警報です。該当外国語予約サイトは宿泊予約受付サイトの運営を委託されている仏ファストブッキング社のサーバーは不正アクセスを受けた事により、予約した訪日外客の個人情報が流出されたとの報道がありました。報道された新聞や株式会社プリンスホテルからのお詫びとお知らせ内容に該当する外国旅行者は、本件についてプリンスホテルの「お客さま窓口」に連絡される事をお勧めします。

[data was stolen](

[security breach](
2018/06/27 8:23:162018/06/27 9:18:14945
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Japan visitors: if you're in Greater Tokyo, you might enjoy taking a trip to Yokohama's English Garden to see the "Ajisai Fair" through 1st July 2018, where you can see 300 types of wisterias. Entrance fee is JPY 700 for adults, and 300 for school age children under 15.

訪日外客へ: 関東エリアに滞在される場合、横浜イングリッシュガーデンで2018年7月1日までに開催される「アジサイフェア」を訪れてみてはいかがでしょうか。300品種のアジサイを観賞できます。入園料について、大人は700円、15歳未満の子供は300円となります。

2018/06/23 20:02:302018/06/25 9:57:12941
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Japan visitors can benefit from a free iOS app that shows locations of multilingual hospitals or clinics on a map. The JAPAN Hospital Guide was developed by Japan Medical Support System For Visitors From Abroad (JaMSSVA), a Tokyo non-profit. (via The Japan Times)

訪日外客には、多言語GPS連動病院検索という無料iOSアプリの利用をお勧めします。GPS連動の病院検索アプリ「JHG(Japan Hospital Guide)」は東京にある非営利団体である訪日外国人医療支援機構によって開発されたものです。

2018/06/22 7:45:052018/06/26 9:07:25938
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We updated our list of emergency numbers needed by Japan residents and visitors, on this page, including a CSV download, adding a link to the "JAPAN Hospital Guide" app. Please tell your friends. 🚀

日本の居住者及び訪日外客向けに、弊社で作成した緊急連絡先一覧表をこのページで更新いたしました。CSVダウンロードが可能で、訪日外客向けGPS連動病院検索アプリ「JHG(Japan Hospital Guide)」のリンク情報も含まれています。万が一の事態に備えて、ご友人・知人の方にこの情報を共有頂き、ご利用ください。 🚀

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eSolia welcomes Apple's next-gen OS support of Certificate Transparency, a Google-led effort to reduce phishing via fake websites, and already available in Google's Chrome Internet browser.

Appleの次世代OSはSSL証明書の信頼性を高めるための新しい技術Certificate Transparency (CT)に対応可能となります(英文記事)。Googleが提唱するCT (英文記事)は、偽ウェブサイトを通じてのフィッシングを減らすための技術で、既にGoogleのChromeインターネットブラウザで利用されています。

2018/06/19 12:42:192018/06/19 15:19:30936
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If you're traveling to Japan, be sure to purchase travel insurance. Recently, uninsured travelers are causing headaches for hospitals in Japan, so please make the proper arrangements.


2018/06/19 12:17:182018/06/19 14:57:00935
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Japan visitors: The "ayame matsuri" or Iris Festival, is on in Itako City in Ibaraki through 24 June 2018. It's a day trip from Tokyo, but you can see 1 million irises and other events.

訪日外客へ: 2018年6月24日まで茨城県潮来市で水郷潮来あやめまつり大会が開催されます。東京からの日帰り旅行となりますが、その祭りで100万本のあやめ及びお祭りイベントを楽しめます。

2018/06/19 12:53:462018/06/19 14:57:47937
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From Wed Aug 8 to Sat Aug 11, 2018, SIETAR is holding its World Conference at Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan. Titled "Facing Uncertain Times Together: Strengthening Intercultural Connections", you can read more and maybe attend if you're in Tokyo at that time?


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㊗️ This year, our client Bekaert, a world leader in steel wire technology, is celebrating 50 years in Japan. Congratulations, and much success to them in the future!

㊗️ 弊社お客様、スチールワイヤー技術において世界的なリーダーであるベルギー鋼材メーカーのBEKAERT(べカルト)社は、設立50周年記念パーティーを日本ベルギー大使館で開催いたしました。設立50周年を迎えられた由心よりご祝福申し上げます。今後なお一層のご躍進をとげられることをご祈念申し上げます。

2018/06/12 17:18:322018/06/13 12:49:41933
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In Japan and wondering how to call the police, get an ambulance, report a fire or get road service? We created a convenient list of emergency numbers needed by Japan residents and visitors, on this new page, including a CSV download. Hopefully it will be useful to you. 🚀

日常生活において、警察への連絡方法、救急車を呼ぶ方法、火災の報告方法やロードサービスの連絡方法について、把握していますか?日本で暮らしている方及び訪日旅行者向けに、このページで便利な緊急連絡先一覧表を作成しました。CSVダウンロードもございます。万が一の事態に備えてぜひご利用ください。 🚀

2018/06/12 16:56:552018/06/14 18:14:30932
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Take a moment or two today, to step away from your devices and take the time to just breathe and let your mind wander.


2018/06/07 6:59:232018/06/12 6:37:04926
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Apple has released macOS High Sierra 10.13.5, and so far we have not had any trouble upgrading. We recommend using the combo update instead of the app store for macOS updates.

AppleはmacOS High Sierra 10.13.5をリリースし、無事システム達に入りました。App Store版よりも、コンボ アップデートの方をお勧めいたします。

2018/06/02 9:12:172018/06/12 6:36:50924
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Japan Visitors: if you're in Osaka, the "otaue rice-planting festival" is being held at Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine on 14th June 2018 from 13:00. A must-see!


2018/06/12 6:34:382018/06/12 9:31:49930
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㊗️CircleCI has launched in Japan. Congratulations to Jim Rose CEO and the Japan team. In fact, CircleCI is one of the tools we use to build this very site.


2018/06/12 10:22:232018/06/12 10:28:17931
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Osaka Drink Maker DyDo Drinco offers free loaner umbrellas at its drink machines in 17 prefectures nationwide. We are heading into rainy season, so keep an eye open for this. Convenient!

大阪の飲料メーカーDyDo Drincoは飲料自動販売機に無料貸し出し傘を設置し17の都道府県でサービスを開始しました。梅雨時期に入りましたので、この便利なサービスから目が離せません!

2018/06/08 8:34:122018/06/08 9:22:05928
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PSA: malware "VPNFilter" is worse than it originally appeared, in that many more devices are vulnerable to attacks like password stealing or launching attacks on other devices. Strengthen your password and upgrade your firmware for sure, but we strongly recommend resetting the device to factory default, updating firmware, and re-configuring. You can contact eSolia for help, of course!

警報: 多くの機器はパスワード盗用やハッキング攻撃対して脆弱であるため、ネットワーク機器を標的とするマルウェア"VPNFilter"の悪影響は情報公開当時よりも悪化しており、影響を受ける製品情報も追加公開されました。現時点の対策として、パスワードを強化して確実にファームウェアのアップグレードを行う事です。工場出荷時のデフォルト設定にリセット、ファームウェアのアップグレード、そして再設定する、という一連の対策を行う事を強くお勧めいたしす。もちろん、ご不明点がございましたら、ぜひeSoliaにお問い合わせください!

2018/06/09 11:38:532018/06/11 9:33:39929
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Visiting Tokyo, Japan with Kids? You might enjoy trying the best new toys at the International Tokyo Toy Show at Tokyo Big Sight this weekend, June 9th and 10th, 2018.


2018/06/07 7:06:322018/06/07 10:19:49927
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We welcome the data privacy protections Apple is building into Safari in the next versions of macOS (Mojave) and iOS (called 'Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0'), similar to what's in Firefox Quantum now.

ついに、Firefox Quantumと同様なデータプライバシー保護の新機能を持つ次期バージョンのmacOS (Mojave) 及び iOSをAppleはSafariに構築することになりました('Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0'と言います)。プライバシーとセキュリティの強化が最優先されることは期待されます。

2018/06/06 7:22:462018/06/07 6:54:25925
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PSA: the Windows 10 April 2018 update caused apps such as Google Chrome or "Hey Cortana" to freeze, but Microsoft claims to have included a solution for this in their May 8th Cumulative Update.

警報: Windows 2018年4月10日のアップデートでChromeや音声アシスタントCortanaなどのアプリがフリーズする問題が発生しましたが、マイクロソフトは5月8日の更新プログラムにはこの問題に対する解決策が含まれていると主張しています。

2018/06/01 22:27:092018/06/04 10:07:09922
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Tokyo visitors: The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has started a free service "Tokyo Multilingual Call Center" for tourists, receiving calls 24x7, 365 days per year. It provides "basic information about transportation and sightseeing to tourists from overseas, about the Tokyo Metropolitan Area" for free. Get help in English, Korean, or Chinese by calling 0120-805-261 from a regular phone in Japan or, by using the "IP Phone" app at

訪都外国人旅行者が対象: 東京都へようこそ!東京での滞在をより楽しくかつ快適に過ごすために、東京都は外国人旅行者に対して、基本的な交通・観光情報を24時間365日無料でご案内しています。「東京都多言語コールセンター」では、英語、韓国語、または中国語での対応は可能ですので、日本国内の通常電話から0120-805-261、もしくはでの”IP電話”アプリから繋がります。

2018/06/02 7:34:552018/06/07 10:58:08923
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PSA: Vulnerabilities have been discovered in Google Chrome versions prior to 67.0.3396.62, which could allow a hacker to retrieve information, bypass security or perform a denial-of-service attack. Google has released an update, which we recommend you apply now.

警報: Google Chromeでは67.0.3396.62より前のバージョンには脆弱性が発見されており、ハッカーが情報を取得したり、セキュリティをバイパス (回避) したり、サービス不能攻撃を実行したりする可能性があります。 Googleは更新プログラムをリリースしましたので、今すぐ更新することをお勧めします。

2018/06/01 22:26:002018/06/04 10:39:50921
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Japan visitors with kids, if you're near Yokohama, "Kodomonokuni" or Children's Land, is a great place to take your kids for some outdoor fun and maybe a BBQ!

子連れの訪日外客には、横浜の "子供の国" は、外遊びやBBQが出来てとても良い!

2018/06/01 19:05:282018/06/01 19:05:28920
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/06/01

Japan visitors: you might enjoy the Yokohama Port Opening Festival ("kaiko kinenbi") on 1st and 2nd June, Friday and Saturday. Celebrations around Minato Mirai 21 and Rinko Park near Sakuragicho station, include music, dancing, a market, boat racing, processions and so on. Enjoy!

訪日外客へ: 横浜開港記念日として、横浜開港祭は6月1日(金)・2日(土)にみなとみらい21及び臨港パークで開催されます!イベントに参加したり、踊ったり、食べたり、ボートレース見たり、楽しんではいかがでしょうか?

2018/05/31 14:08:112018/05/31 14:44:23919
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We love this English Rail and Subway Map for Central Tokyo, in print, online or iOS versions, available at Informa-v by Vollmer Design. Great for those visiting Japan.

最も優れた英語版iOSと東京都心エリアの鉄道及び地下鉄の地図はインフォーマー Informa-v、フォルマーデザインによって設計されたものです。外国人の方へおすすめしたい。
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/31 9:05:19177
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/31

eSolia's teamITMS frequently manages IT shutdown, restart and validation during the annual power outages at buildings in Tokyo. Read more about this and other processes we manage.


2018/05/28 7:35:282018/05/28 13:22:50917
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/30

PSA: a recent security threat called "VPNFilter" has been discovered, which allows hackers to control your home router to steal passwords and launch other attacks. At a minimum, change the password (to a strong one) and update the firmware. Our recommendation: do those things, but in addition, make a config backup, reset the router to factory default, then restore the config. You can contact eSolia for help, of course!

警報: "VPNFilter"という最新のセキュリティ上の脅威が発見されました。ハッカーがホームルータを制御しパスワードを盗むことができ、他のネット攻撃をすることができるようになります。せめて、パスワードを強いものに変更の上、ファームウェアの更新を行ってください。それに加えて、設定のバックアップを作成し、ルーターを出荷時のデフォルト設定にリセット、そして設定の復元を行う事を強くお勧めいたします。もちろん、イソリアはいつでもお助けいたします。こちらのお問い合わせからご連絡ください!

2018/05/30 8:12:332018/05/30 9:11:38918
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/30

Are you looking to reduce how much you are tracked online by websites? Why not try EFF's Privacy Badger plugin for Chrome, Firefox or Opera browsers.

ウェブサイト履歴をオンライン上で追跡されることにご心配やお悩みをお持ちの場合は、Chrome、Firefox、Operaブラウザ向けPrivacy Badger というオンライン追跡の検出や遮断ができる拡張機能をお試しください。

2018/05/27 8:40:262018/09/21 20:57:02916
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/29

Google Lens has recently become available in Google Photos in iOS. Take a photo of, say, a business card or sign, view it in Google Photos, and tap the "lens" icon for options. Fantastic!

Google レンズは最近iOSのGoogleフォトで使用可能になりました。Googleフォトで、撮影した名刺や標識などの写真を確認し、「レンズ」アイコンをタップして様々な操作できます。素晴らしい機能です!

2018/05/25 6:13:492018/05/25 11:03:46915
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/28

To handle the expected influx of 40 million tourist visitors by 2020 and to help with an aging population, Tokyo's taxi industry is ramping up production of the Toyota "JPN Taxi", a spacious model that can accommodate wheelchair riders.

2020年までに予想される4000万人観光客の対応のため、及び、人口老齢化支援のため、東京のタクシー業界は、車いすの収容可能な広々としたモデルである新しいトヨタJPN タクシーの生産を増やしております。

2018/05/24 8:26:412018/05/24 11:46:29914
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/27

Related to the new EU GDPR regulations, Apple is letting EU users download the data they collected on you, from We understand this service will be released in other regions later.


2018/05/23 21:22:202018/05/24 10:02:59912
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/26

Everyone needs secure storage for the many passwords needed for the websites and systems they use. Ask eSolia about a solution!


2018/05/23 12:45:462018/09/21 20:56:33911
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/25

PSA: regarding "Efail", a set of security vulnerabilities in helper software used with email software to integrate PGP/GPG encryption, Protonmail has written a detailed explanation of the issues and provides guidance.

警報:「Efail」とは、 PGP / GPG暗号化を統合する為に電子メールソフトウェアで使用されるヘルパーソフトウェアにあるセキュリティ脆弱性のことを指します。Protonmailはこの問題について詳細な説明(英文記事)と共にガイダンスを提供しています。

2018/05/23 8:16:162018/09/19 8:11:21910
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/24

There are a number of challenges with the Microsoft Windows 10 "April 2018 Update". Contact eSolia and let us upgrade your Japan PCs.

Microsoft Windows 10「2018年4月アップデート」を行う際に複数な問題が生じていると報じられています。そのような問題をお持ちの場合は、相談にのりますので、お気軽にご連絡ください

2018/05/24 8:02:262018/05/24 12:43:36913
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/24

Windows Chrome users: you can check your system for malware that infects your browser by visiting chrome://settings/cleanup.

Windows Chrome ユーザーの皆さん:chrome://settings/cleanup から、 お使いのChromeブラウザーがマルウエアに感染しているかどうかの確認ができます。

2018/05/22 6:30:152018/09/21 20:50:46909
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/23

New success story added for a bilingual website project. See here for details.


2018/05/21 15:21:582018/05/21 15:21:58907
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/22

And we thought Yokohama was tough on residents regarding recycling. Kamikatsu's zero waste goal is admirable. See their multipage (Japanese) guidebook for an idea.


2018/05/21 16:43:502018/05/21 16:48:22908
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/21

New success story added for a past office move project. See here for details.


2018/05/16 16:02:522018/05/18 8:08:58905
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/18

JR East will install cameras on new trains to enhance security. We hope this move serves to increase security for riders.


2018/05/18 8:07:192018/05/24 14:05:18906
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/18

Health conscious in Japan? There are plenty of juice bars in Tokyo now, like Sky High, Saladish, Smoothie Stand Aoya, Maruce Juice Bar Shinjuku, Robeks Juice Aoyama and even a local one "Vegetarian" in the New Shimbashi Building, just outside JR Shimbashi station.

健康を気にしてますか? 東京ではジュースバーが流行ってます。例えば、スカイハイ, サラディッシュ, スムージースタンドアオヤ, マルース, ロベックス、又はニュー新橋ビルにある "ベジタリアン"も。

2018/05/16 8:38:152018/05/18 9:55:27903
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/17

Google's new "Google News" app is available on your app store, and on

グーグルの 新 "Google News" アプリは、App Storeからダウンロード可能です。ウェブ版のも更新された。

2018/05/16 6:48:272018/05/16 8:09:22902
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/17

US Net Neutrality was repealed by the FCC on 11th June 2018 but the US Senate voted to preserve it. We should all expect negative impacts if Net Neutrality is officially repealed by the final House of Representatives vote.

米国、インターネット上のコンテンツを平等に扱うよう、通信会社に求める "Net Neutrality"「ネット中立性」規制を6月11日に撤廃すると米国連邦通信委員会(FCC)から発表がありました。 しかし、アメリカ合衆国国議会上院が(英文記事)ネット中立性の存続に投票しました。最終的にに国議会下院が「ネット中立性」規制を法律上撤廃した場合、全世界が悪影響を受けることになるでしょう。

2018/05/14 7:47:122018/05/23 10:20:15397
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/16

Google reduced the price of its storage plans and changed the service name to "Google One". There's even "Family Sharing".

グーグルは、有料ストレージ プランの料金を価格調整し、サービス名を「Google One」に変更しました。"ファミリー共有"もあります。

2018/05/15 20:10:182018/05/24 13:50:37901
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/16

Tokyo visitors, it's Spring Festival time. Kanda Myojin Shrine has been having its annual spring Matsuri festival and today 16th May 2018 from 14:00 is the "rei-tai-sai". The big Sanja Matsuri is Friday 18th May through Sunday 20th May 2018, in Asakusa on the Ginza subway line. There is even a live camera available.


2018/05/16 9:47:402018/05/16 13:48:55904
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/15

New success story added for a past project. See here for details.


2018/05/14 15:31:552018/05/16 9:20:32399
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/15

PSA: security researchers found vulnerabilities in common email encryption tools based on PGP. A blog post by the EFF recommends temporarily disabling PGP plugins like Thunderbird Enigmail, Apple Mail PGP Tools, and Outlook Gpg4win. The problem is with the plugins, not PGP itself.

警報: よく使われているPGPベースのメール暗号化ツールに、セキュリティ研究者が弱みを見つけました。(英文記事) EFFのブログポスト では、PGPを使うメールプラグイン(例:サンダーバード Enigmail、Apple メール PGP Tools、アウトルック Gpg4win)を取りあえず無効に設定することをお勧めしています。問題はプラグインそのもので、PGP事態じゃない。

2018/05/14 19:58:322018/05/23 10:33:41400
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/14

We added RSS feeds for the "short news" information and project lists, on the top, news archive, and success stories pages, and indicated by the standard feed icon . This is useful if you still use an RSS feed reader to consume news.

本サイトの「ショートポスト」ニュースやプロジェクト一覧に、RSSフィードを追加した。トップページ、ニュースアーカイブ ページ成功事例 ページ にありますので、クリックするとお持ちのRSSリーダーで閲覧可能です。このアイコンです:

2018/05/14 12:31:172018/05/26 17:33:24398
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/13

Google is going to require regular security patching from Android OEMs, from the I/O 2018 Keynote talk. Regular security patches being required on your Android phones is a good thing, so we look forward to this becoming the norm.

GoogleのI/O 2018 キーノートでは、GoogleがアンドロイドOEMに定期的なセキュリティパッチを要求するそうです。これが「普通」になったら、とても良いことかと思います。

2018/05/13 10:59:262018/05/13 10:59:26396
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/12

Google has made it easier to view, and delete, your activity on their services. We recommend making use of it.


2018/05/12 18:49:332018/05/14 15:58:08394
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/08

PSA: 7-zip users should upgrade immediately to avoid a security vulnerability. Contact eSolia to scan and identify systems on your LAN that have vulnerable 7-zip versions.

警報: 圧縮ソフト7-zipをご利用の皆様、(英文記事) セキュリティ問題を避ける為、直ちにアップグレードされることをお勧めいたします。御社のLANに接続されたシステムにおいて、危険な7-zipバージョンの存在をスキャンし識別することは出来ますので、お気軽にイソリアまでご連絡ください。

2018/05/08 12:38:252018/05/23 11:01:26392
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/07

We've launched our new website design! Read more about it in this blog post.


2018/05/15 6:49:322018/05/15 6:49:32401
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/04

PSA: Twitter recommends changing your password, just in case, due to an internal security breach.

警報: (英文記事)Twitter がブログで 社内セキュリティ問題のため、ユーザー様にパスワードの変更をお勧めしています。

2018/05/04 6:41:482018/05/23 11:05:117
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/03

First Thursday of May is "World Password Day". Read this article by eSolia CEO Rick Cogley on establishing a personal password policy, and take action.

毎年5月第一木曜日は「ワールド パスワード デー」です。イソリア社長のリック・コグレーによるこちらの記事をお読み頂き、ご利用される個人パスワードを強くしましょう!

2018/05/04 7:03:522018/05/08 16:56:458
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/05/01

The last year of the Heisei era begins today. Emperor Akihito will abdicate the Chrysanthemum Throne on April 30, 2019, and his son Crown Prince Naruhito will ascend to the throne on May 30, 2019. ㊗️


2018/05/08 17:51:022018/05/14 18:06:09393
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/04/17

What a day for athletics! Desi Linden of the US won the women's and Yuki Kawauchi of Japan won the men's at the Boston Marathon, in the worst possible conditions - cold, wet, windy. Congratulations! ㊗️ Inspiring!

感動!陸上では素晴らしい日になりました。ボストンマラソンにて、男子で日本のスーパーサラリーマン川内優輝氏と女子で米国のDesi Linden氏がそれぞれのレースで優勝しました。本当におめでとうございます! ㊗️

2018/05/12 19:32:452018/05/12 19:32:45395
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/04/02

iPhone or iPad users: consider Settings, Siri & Search, "Allow Siri When Locked". Leaving this ON invites shenanigans.


2018/05/06 17:57:342018/05/06 17:57:3415
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2018/02/12

Japan visitors: get “NHK WORLD TV” on your App Store (Android also), and enable quake and tsunami alerts in settings.

訪日外客のお知り合いが居れば、アップルストアの “NHK WORLD TV” をご紹介ください。地震と津波のアラート設定を行えば、緊急速報を受けられます。

2018/05/02 17:09:072018/06/12 9:07:093
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2017/11/15

eSolia CEO Rick Cogley is doing a Reddit AMA (user: rickcogley). Ask Me Anything.

イソリア代表取締役社長リックコグレーは、Reddit AMA をやってます。AMA = Ask Me Anything、何でも聞いて!

2018/05/06 16:30:112018/05/06 16:30:119
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2017/10/31

PSA: be smart; change default password on all your "IoT" devices, such as your Internet router/wifi or coffee maker! (Reaper Botnet)

警報: 賢くあれ!インターネットルーター/無線LANやコーヒーメーカーなど、すべての「IoT」デバイスのデフォルトパスワードを今すぐ変更しよう! ((英文記事) Reaper Botnet 攻撃)

2018/05/02 17:22:402018/05/25 11:43:295
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2017/10/18

PSA: Don't get KRACKed. Patch your wireless routers / wifi, your Mac or Windows systems, your smartphone. (KRACK attack)

警報: KRACKされないで!今すぐパッチ! 無線ルーター・Wifiのファームウェア、MacやWindowsのパッチ、スマホも更新すべき。 ((英文記事) KRACK 攻撃)

2018/05/02 17:20:102018/05/23 11:00:424
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2017/10/06

macOS High Sierra users: Apple released important security patches, so updating is recommended.

macOS High Sierra ユーザ達: Appleが大事な セキュリティパッチをリリースしたので、更新をおすすめします。

2018/05/02 17:33:302018/05/02 17:43:316

macOS High Sierra users: Apple released important security patches, so updating is recommended.
2018/05/07 12:37:142018/05/07 12:37:1416
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2017/07/07

We founded @eSolia_Inc on 7th July 1999 for IT service excellence. Thank you for another successful year!

2018/05/07 12:37:142018/05/07 13:54:3417
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2017/05/04

PSA: Google has addressed the Google Docs phishing hack. Be sure to do a Google Security Checkup.

警報: グーグルは、グーグルドックのフィッシング攻撃対策を実施したそうです。Google セキュリティ診断をおすすめ致します。

2018/05/06 16:39:442018/05/07 9:37:1411
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2017/05/03

PSA: use extra care today. Why this Google Docs phishing attack is particularly sneaky!

警報: 本日は気を付けましょう。 現在流行ってるグーグルドックのフィッシング攻撃 (英語の記事) はとてもずる賢い!

2018/05/06 16:34:362018/05/07 9:41:2510

HS-SPAM technology debut! Subliminal ads fast-tracked for maglev trains in Japan. #SoInnovationSoJapan,
2018/05/07 12:37:142018/05/07 12:37:1418

Lock in your socks. EmailSocktopus, with a unique sock subscription model is changing the industry!,
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/07 12:37:1519
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2017/02/25

PSA: Cloudbleed security breach means change your passwords! Many sites are using Cloudflare DNS and are impacted.

警報: 簡単に説明すると Cloudbleed とは、「今すぐパスワード変更を」の意味を指します。たくさんのサイト がCloudflare DNSを使用しており、影響を受けてます。

2018/05/06 16:48:072018/05/23 10:49:0512
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2017/02/17

Visiting Tokyo? Do yourself a favor and take a day trip down to Kamakura, one of the ancient capitals of Japan. Here is a Google map of sites you might like to visit.

来日する外国の同僚やお友達の方が居れば、日本古都の一つである鎌倉への日帰り旅行をお勧めしたいですね。鎌倉近辺観光スポットの Google マップ はありますよ。

2018/05/06 17:27:342018/05/08 17:09:0013
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2017/01/28

Chinese friends and colleagues: Happy New Year!

中国の友、新年おめでとうございます! 新年快乐! 新年快樂!

2018/05/06 17:51:262018/05/07 13:55:4014
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2017/01/24

This "Word Lens" feature of Google Translate is so very nifty. If you haven't, give it a try; point and shoot!

この Google 翻訳"ワードレンズ"機能は興味深いものです。まだお試しではないのであれば、ぜひお試しください!,
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/07 17:15:5820

A new macOS (10.12.3 today) is a good reason to run Cocktail from @maintain_se and tidy up
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/07 12:37:1521

Happy New Year from @eSolia_Inc! Best bilingual IT services from Tokyo, Japan. January 06, 2017 at 08:15AM
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/07 12:37:1522

Upgrade to MacOS 10.12.1 goes without a hitch, and fixes opt-cmd-power not sleeping the system.

2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/07 12:37:1523
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/10/16
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/24 15:34:5824

iPhone or iPad users: consider Settings, Siri, "Access on Lock Screen". ON invites shenanigans.

2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/07 12:37:1525
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/09/14

PSA: Google Apps for Work users, if your Gmail is not working, Google says "disable and reenable Gmail for your domain" as a workaround.

警報: グーグルアップスの法人利用者で、Gmailが動作しない場合、回避策として「ドメインのGmail 無効化と再有効化」を行うようにグーグルがお勧めしています。

2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/08 17:32:4826
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/08/27

PSA: Dropbox had a security breach, so change your password and for the love of Soteria, enable 2-factor authentication while you are at it.

警報: Dropboxがハッキングされたので、パスワードの変更とともに、二段階認証の設定を行ってください。
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/09 18:00:1727
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/07/14

PSA: Heavy rains in Minato Tokyo. Watch for flooding. Check water level and rainfall at:Minato Ward water level rainfall information

警報: 東京港区で豪雨発生。洪水に注意。港区水位雨量情報から水位と雨量を確認してください。
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/08 17:48:0728
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/07/07

🎉㊗️It's eSolia's 17th Anniversary! We founded eSolia Inc on 7th July 1999 for IT service excellence. Thank you for another successful year!

🎉㊗️イソリア創立17周年記念! お陰様で無事17周年を迎える事が出来ました。優秀なITサービスを行う為、1999年7月7日にeSolia_Incを創立いたしました。今後ともよろしくお願いします!
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/24 10:53:3629
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/07/05

PSA: Github noticed a security attack on their system, so you might want to change your password, and enable 2FA while you're at it.

警報: Githubは(英文記事)セキュリティ攻撃に気づいたので、個人パスワードを変更のうえ、 2 段階認証の設定を行ってください。
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/23 11:00:0230
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/06/17

PSA: organized fraudsters posing as the IRS, calling US citizens to demand quick action to settle. IRS does not phone; they send letters.

警報: (米国税務局)IRSを装った組織的な詐欺師は米国市民に紛争解決を促す電話しました。皮肉な事に、IRSは相手に対して電話などせず、手紙を送るのです。

2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/10 16:56:4831

Want to strengthen security after the #TeamViewer security hack? Here are some basic guidelines to get you started:
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/07 12:37:1532
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/06/05

PSA: TeamViewer security breach. Change your passwords, use a unique one per site, use two-factor authentication.

警報: (英文記事)TeamViewerがセキュリティ被害に遭う。パスワードの変更、各サイトごとに固有のパスワードの利用、及び2段階承認の利用をお勧めします。
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/23 10:32:0333
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/05/05

PSA: Hack exposes millions of Gmail, Microsoft and Yahoo logins. Change your Google, Yahoo and Microsoft passwords just to be safe (and enable 2fa).

警報: (英文記事)ハッキングによる何百万ものGmail, マイクロソフトとヤフーのログイン情報が公開されています。グーグル、ヤフー及びマイクロソフトのアカウントをお持ちの場合、パスワードの変更を行ってください(2段階承認を有効に設定してください)。
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/23 10:20:5434

Need a good, inexpensive way to email a mailing list for DM or maintenance announcements? Check out email octopus!
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/07 12:37:1535
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/03/31

PSA: beware of an insidious malware trend "ransomware" in which scammers lock your computer & extort you, especially via email attachments.

警報: 最近、ランサムウェアという身代金要求型のコンピュータウィルスが流行しております。特にメールの添付ファイル経由で感染しますので、十分ご注意ください。

2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/10 16:50:1736

Do simple cross-platform file & photo sharing (Mobile, Win, Mac, Linux) with @Dropbox. Try it free here:
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/07 12:37:1537
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/03/03

Sysadmins using Macs: check out how to run the OS X TFTP server, for network device upgrades.

Macを使用しているシステム管理者:ネットワークデバイスのアップグレード用に、(英文記事)OS X TFTP サーバの実行方法を確認してください。
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/30 17:45:2338

Check out Mozilla's easy to understand video on Encryption.
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/07 12:37:1539

Feeling security-conscious? Start implementing a "personal password policy" today:
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/07 12:37:1540
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/02/19

Mac users: here's some tips on handling hidden files in OS X.

Mac ユーザー: (英文記事)OS Xで隠しファイルを扱う際のヒントをご紹介いたします。
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/30 17:47:1541

Mac users: easily restart your menu, Finder, Dock or Notifications system.
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/07 12:37:1542
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/02/12

PSA update: Mac users see what you can do about Sparkle security vulnerability.

2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/16 14:05:2943
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/02/11
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/23 10:25:4644
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2016/02/11

PSA: Mac users, encourage your app providers to address this security vulnerability asap.

警報: Macユーザーはご利用されるアプリのプロバイダーに、(英文記事)セキュリティ脆弱性について素早く対処するように促してください。
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/23 10:43:3745

Happy New Year from @eSolia_Inc! Best bilingual IT services from Tokyo, Japan. January 06, 2016 at 08:15AM
2018/05/07 12:37:152018/05/07 12:37:1546

Rick Cogley at Kanda Myojin Shrine, getting eSolia blessed for 2016. May it be a great year for everyone!
2018/05/07 12:37:162018/05/07 12:37:1647

Amazon AWS users, Email Octopus is a great interface to make bulk email sending via SES simple.
2018/05/07 12:37:162018/05/07 12:37:1648
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/12/23

PSA: Our database service PROdb to be down for maintenance this coming Sat, 26 Dec 2015. Service interruptions between 18pm and 20pm JST.

警報: 弊社データベースサービスPROdbは、2015年12月26日土曜日にメンテナンスのためサービスを停止します。日本時間午後18時から午後20時までサービスは中断されます。

2018/05/07 12:37:162018/05/10 17:55:1449

Travelers to Japan: learn about our actually sensational signage:
2018/05/07 12:37:162018/05/07 12:37:1650

Geeks: need a really easy way to generate dns TXT records for SPF? Try easySPF: an Ajax enabled SPF Wizard
2018/05/07 12:37:162018/05/07 12:37:1651

MediaWiki admins, check out this list of handy tips for setup and usage.,
2018/05/07 12:37:162018/05/07 12:37:1652

There is now a Japanese forum for the world's fastest Static Site Generator Hugo.

2018/05/07 12:37:162018/05/07 12:37:1653

Mac users: sometimes upgrading with the "combo" updater is better, since it performs a full refresh of system files.
2018/05/07 12:37:162018/05/07 12:37:1654

Learners of Japanese might enjoy this post from Rick Cogley about the neologisms of 2015:
2018/05/07 12:37:162018/05/07 12:37:1655

PSA: Christmas lights may be ruining your Wi-Fi speeds.

警報: (英文記事)クリスマスライトがWi-Fi速度の低下に影響を及ぼしている可能性があります。
2018/05/07 12:37:162018/05/23 10:48:0256

Read the latest post from the eSolia Pro blog, "Bill Shock is Never Funny":

2018/05/07 12:37:162018/05/07 12:37:1657

Should small and medium size businesses outsource IT? Some risks of not doing so:

2018/05/07 12:37:162018/05/07 12:37:1658
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/10/08

OS X El Capitan users: jiggle the mouse cursor and it will grow temporarily so you can find it.

OS X El Capitan ユーザー: マウスカーソルをゆっくりと動かすと、マウスカーソルが一時的に拡大されるので見つけられるようになります。

2018/05/07 12:37:162018/06/06 15:14:3559
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/10/08

Mac OS X El Capitan users: press F3 to see an improved Exposé, showing docs grouped with their apps.

Mac OS X El Capitan ユーザー: F3を押して改善されたExposéを確認してみてください。アプリケーションでグループ化されたドキュメントが表示されるようになりました。

2018/05/07 12:37:162018/06/06 15:20:3860
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/10/08

Esoteric OS X problem , the moral of which is "don't keep a keychain backup open."

(英文記事)難解なOS X 問題において、”キーチェーンのバックアップをオープンのままにしておかない事。”という教訓を得ました。
2018/05/07 12:37:162018/06/06 15:40:5061
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/10/08

Mac OS X El Capitan users: if you experience crashes, you'll notice the "beachball" spinner has been redesigned.

Mac OS X El Capitan ユーザー: クラッシュが発生した場合に、"ビーチボール”の形したスピナーが再設計された事に気づくでしょう。

2018/05/07 12:37:162018/06/06 15:46:2162

Mac OS X El Capitan users: "pin" sites to the menu bar with Window menu, Pin Tab.

Mac OS X El Capitan ユーザー: Windowsメニューバーからピンページ機能を使用できます。

2018/05/07 12:37:162018/06/27 16:47:3863
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/10/07

Mac OS X El Capitan users: use natural language queries in Spotlight, like "excel files I saved yesterday".

Mac OS X El Capitan ユーザー: Spotlightで自然言語での質問を使用してください。例えば、”昨日保存したexcelファイル”。

2018/05/07 12:37:162018/06/06 17:09:5864
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/10/07

Mac OS X El Capitan users: in Safari you can now easily identify a tab that's playing audio, and mute it. Click the sound icons that appear.

Mac OS X El Capitan ユーザー: Safariでは、オーディオの再生とミュートに設定可能なタブを簡単に識別できるようになりました。表示されるサウンドのアイコンをクリックするだけです。

2018/05/07 12:37:162018/06/06 17:14:4065
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/10/07

Mac OS X El Capitan users: in Mail, do a two-finger swipe right or left on a message, to mark-unread and delete, like on iPhone.

Mac OS X El Capitan ユーザー: メールでは、iPhone上と同様に、メッセージの上を2本指で右もしくは左にスワイプすることで、未読と削除に設定できます。

2018/05/07 12:37:172018/06/06 17:17:1266
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/10/07

Mac OS X El Capitan users: spotlight SFNS to see the new "San Francisco" system font.

Mac OS X El Capitan ユーザー: spotlight SFNSの検索で新しい” "San Francisco"システムフォントを確認できます。

2018/05/07 12:37:172018/06/06 17:45:3567
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/10/06

Mac OS X El Capitan Users: new graphics API called "Metal" will give you a nice speed boost for apps like Photos, Photoshop or Lightroom.

Mac OS X El Capitan ユーザー: "Metal"と呼ばれる新しいグラフィックスAPIは、Photos、Photoshop、Lightroomなどのアプリのスピードを向上させます。

2018/05/07 12:37:172018/06/06 17:47:0468

Mac OS X El Capitan users: Disk Utility is completely re-designed, into an attractive and modern app.

2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/07 12:37:1769

Trying to use a PFU HHKB Keyboard on OS X El Capitan? Here's the Driver Status : Rick Cogley Central
2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/07 12:37:1770

Mac OS X El Capitan Users: Disk Utility no longer has "Repair Permissions" because of Apple's new System Integrity Protection system, "SIP".

2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/07 12:37:1771

Microsoft Working on El Capitan Related Bug Fixes for Office 2016

2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/07 12:37:1772

Some possible fixes for Office 2016 crashing on OS X El Capitan:
2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/07 12:37:1773
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/09/30

PSA: from today, 1st Oct 2015, Japan consumption tax due on overseas online purchases, disingenuous rationale aside.

警報: 本日2015年10月1日より、海外のオンライン購入において(英文記事)日本国内の消費税は課税されることとなりました。
2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/23 10:47:3574

Mac users, OS X "El Capitan" released. Are you going to upgrade right away?

2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/07 12:37:1775
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/09/29

iOS 9 users: turning off new feature may save money. Settings, Cellular, Wifi Assist. It auto-switches to 4G if wifi is 'poor'.

iOS 9 ユーザー様: 新機能をオフ設定にすると料金の節約になる可能性があります。設定、電話、Wifi アシストへ。Wifi回線が弱いときに自動的に4Gに切り替えます。

2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/24 15:41:5676

Windows MS Office users, new Office 2016 is released:
2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/07 12:37:1777

Is your Apple OS X Mail crashing & hanging? This info might help:
2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/07 12:37:1778
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/09/25

PSA: iOS 9 users can prevent a security exploit by disabling use of Siri from lock screen.

警報: iOS9 ユーザーはロック画面においてSiriの使用無効を設定すると、セキュリティの悪用を防ぐ事は可能です。
2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/16 14:12:3679

Ran 12k today in hot weather, 10k of which is here:
2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/07 12:37:1780

Mac users, here's an easy script for generating passwords from Japanese romaji, from our CEO Rick Cogley:
2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/07 12:37:1781

eSolia will be closed 13 & 14 Aug 2015 for the traditional o-bon holiday. Clients: emergency contact as per separate email.


2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/07 12:37:1782

Is it not time for your company to consider telecommuting, or "telework" as it's known in Japan? Ask eSolia how.

2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/07 12:37:1783

Doing dev on Mac? Check out Dash, the Documentation Browser for 150+ APIs
2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/07 12:37:1784

The StageFright bug is a good example of a problem with Android: fragmentation.
2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/07 12:37:1785
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/07/31

PSA: Android users, be proactive against the StageFright bug, while you wait for a fix.

警報: (英文記事)StageFrightのバグについて、バグ修正を待っている間に、Androidユーザはご自身で積極的に対処してください。
2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/23 10:45:0086
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/07/31

PSA: Pressure your Android phone maker for the StageFright bugfix.

警報: 使用中のAndroid携帯端末メーカーに (英文記事)StageFrightバグ修正についてプレッシャーをかけましょう。
2018/05/07 12:37:172018/05/23 10:31:2987

Windows 10のアップグレードはイソリアにお任せください。
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:1888

Need help with the new Windows 10? @eSolia_Inc will efficiently upgrade your PCs in Japan.
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:1889

Windows 10 release on 29th July 2015. eSolia can help you get ready.

Windows 10は7月29日にリリースされるが準備OKですか?イソリアにお任せすると、よりスムーズに。
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:1890

A sensible decision re olympic stadium, but those who chose this design should pay the cancellation fee themselves.
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:1891

Mac Office Users: if you subscribe to Office 365, MS finally released Office 2016 today. It seems to perform well.
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:1892
表示はい2015/07/082018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:1893
表示はい2015/07/072018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:1894

Balancing Security with Convenience : Blog

2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:1895

How eSolia re-booted our website with static site generator Hugo, with a look based on Google's "Material Design":

2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:1896
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/07/07

🎉㊗️It's eSolia's 16th Anniversary! To celebrate, we launched our new website. Please see it here.

2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/24 10:29:1597

We founded @eSolia_Inc on 7th July 1999 for IT service excellence. Thank you for another successful year!
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:1898

Mac users, is your Apple AppStore frozen when updating to the latest 10.10.4 release? Here's a possible fix:
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:1899

5+ quake in kanto and trains and subways stopped.

2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:18100

In #Tokyo this weekend? Shop at trendy "TOKYO OUTLET WEEK" in #Odaiba, 29-31 May, 11am~. Pre-Registration needed.
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:18101

In #Osaka on Sunday 31 May 2015? You might enjoy "wakanagi", a Japanese cultural event at Creo Osaka East from 13:30.
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:18102

Visiting #Tokyo this weekend? The "One Love Jamaica Festival" is going on at Yoyogi park, near #Harajuku & #Shibuya.
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:18103

See the "Salaryman Senryu" poem medalists in 2015, plus a bonus. #humor #japan #サラ川
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:18104

Giving SmartGit a try:,
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:18105

Material Design Icons Expanded (color version) by @iconshock,
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:18106
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/05/22

PSA: be aware of this odious change that requires you to verify your domain registration contact info. EasyDNS Blog: "Unfortunately, we have renewed our ICANN Accreditation" .

警報: この厄介な変化に気をつけて、ドメイン登録連絡先を確認する必要になった。EasyDNSブログ:”(英文記事) 残念ながら、弊社はICANN認定を更新しました”
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/23 10:57:24107

Japan residents: have you converted your "gaijin card" to the new "zairyu card"? Deadline of July 8, 2015 looms.
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:43:40108

In #Japan on 16 & 17 May 2015? Check out "Art Event Design Festa" at Tokyo Big Sight. ¥1000.
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:18109

In #Tokyo this weekend? #Okinawa #Festival at Yoyogi Park, on 9 & 10 May 2015.
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/07 12:37:18110
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/05/05

Japan PSA: travellers beware, and note that areas might be closed. "Volcanic activity increases at Mount Hakone"

日本警報: 旅行に行かれる方は注意してください。(英文記事)箱根山での火山活動が活発になっています。
2018/05/07 12:37:182018/05/23 10:52:42111

Near #Yokohama #Japan? Why not visit the German #Beer Festival at Aka-renga, thru 6th May. Food! Beer! Music!
2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19112

In #Japan? Buy a print of the front page of "The Japan Times" at Ginza Toy Park "#Hakuhinkan",
2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19113

Pick 2 benefits only: low cost, high quality, or quick implementation.

2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19114

Sys admin humor: "500 miles, or a little bit more" #SureYaDidntTouchAnything
2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19115

Important news: "Osaka minds the nationwide escalator gap and considers shifting left"
2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19116

Spot on; even non-creative teams should heed. "No Dickheads! A Guide To Building Happy, Healthy, And Creative Teams"
2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19117

Foreign residents of #Japan: don't forget to "swap alien certificates for new (#zairyu) cards by July deadline"
2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19118

Good for them. "Soy sauce factory makes 'miracle' comeback in tsunami-wrecked region"
2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19119

Oops. School should provide a PC, no? "Yokohama teacher used PC to show documentary, got porn instead"
2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19120

5 years ago, stuck in evening traffic trying to get out of Tokyo after the big Fukushima quake. Gave up & turned back.

2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19121

Don’t look for evangelists among people who think your product isn’t worth $19"
2018/05/15 18:22:562018/05/15 18:22:56402

Do simple cross-platform file & photo sharing (Mobile, Win, Mac, Linux) with @Dropbox. Try it free here:
2018/05/15 18:22:562018/05/15 18:22:56403

Have you heard of Bliss Symbolics?
2018/05/15 18:22:562018/05/15 18:22:56404

It truly is. "Steve Wozniak on net neutrality ruling: 'victory for the people'"
2018/05/15 18:22:562018/05/15 18:22:56405
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/02/26

PSA for security: use this site to test yourself for Superfish, Komodia, PrivDog vulnerability.

2018/05/15 18:22:562018/05/16 14:20:01406
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/02/25

On OS X and iOS security vulnerabilities and shoddy reporting

(英文記事) OS XとiOSセキュリティ上の脆弱性と厄介な報告
2018/05/15 18:22:562018/05/27 8:26:18407

Food for thought: "When Exponential Progress Becomes Reality"
2018/05/15 18:22:562018/05/15 18:22:56408

Congratulations to Landon IP Japan on a successful move to your new office!
2018/05/15 18:22:562018/05/15 18:22:56409

Visiting Japan? "9 Superb Views of Hokkaido You Absolutely Must See"
2018/05/15 18:22:562018/05/15 18:22:56410

Visiting #Tokyo Japan with kids? How about a day trip to see otters at Aburatsubo Marine Park, near Misakiguchi.
2018/05/15 18:22:562018/05/15 18:22:56411

Designers, here's a link set for dummy text generators:
2018/05/15 18:22:562018/05/15 18:22:56412

Photoshop celebrates 25th anniversary today of app originally created on a Macintosh Plus
2018/05/15 18:22:572018/05/15 18:22:57413

Lots to explore in this site: "Everyday listening is a matter of listening to the attributes of events in the world"
2018/05/15 18:22:572018/05/15 18:22:57414

Noto Sans CJK is an excellent multi-purpose Chinese, Japanese and Korean font from Google.
2018/05/15 18:22:572018/05/15 18:22:57415

Oh no, he didn't! "A Short History Of That Time George H.W. Bush Vomited In Japan"
2018/05/15 18:22:572018/05/15 18:22:57416

The "10 commandments of logic" cover the major logic fallacies. Worth a review, anyway.
2018/05/15 18:22:572018/05/15 18:22:57417

Great project #amputeevenus "Amputee women in Japan proudly step forward"
2018/05/15 18:22:572018/05/15 18:22:57418

Tip: easily flatten a directory structure by searching for files under a specific folder, and copying the results to a new folder.

2018/05/15 18:22:572018/05/15 18:22:57419

Is Japan really that bad re: (?) "Breaking down the barriers: Can Tokyo improve access for people with disabilities?"
2018/05/15 18:22:572018/05/15 18:22:57420

The man who brought us the lithium-ion battery at the age of 57 has an idea for a new one at 92 – Quartz
2018/05/15 18:22:572018/05/15 18:22:57421

Need a raster logo or sketch vectorized to print at any size? Ivan at @vectorizeimages does great work:
2018/05/15 18:22:572018/05/15 18:22:57422

Try ice skating in Tokyo, thru 6 March: "White Sacas Toyotown Ice Garden"
2018/05/15 18:22:572018/05/15 18:22:57423

Where the internet lives: the artist who snooped on Google’s data farm | Art and design | The Guardian
2018/05/15 18:22:572018/05/15 18:22:57424

Mac users: use ControlPlane to auto-reconfigure your Mac based on location, connected devices, IP address etc.
2018/05/15 18:22:572018/05/15 18:22:57425

Mac users, @arqbackup is encrypted cloud backup for your files. Works with Google Drive, Amazon S3, SFTP, Greenqloud.
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58426
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/01/28

PSA: OSX Yosemite users, upgrade to 10.2.2 did indeed resolve wifi issues on a couple of our systems.

警報: 10.2.2にアップグレードしたOSX Yosemiteユーザーは私たちのシステムにおいて無線LANの問題を解決しました。

2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/23 10:18:08427
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/01/27

PSA via @maintain_se: it is always recommended to use a combo updater to update OS X. More:

@maintain_se 経由警報:combo updaterの利用によるOS Xの更新を常に推奨しております。詳細はこちらへ。,
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/16 14:26:48428

Small Businesses may indeed do it better:
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58429

Lowpoly Bot, A Twitter Bot That Turns Photos Into Beautifully Abstract Polygonal Images
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58430

Thanks so much team @buffer, for adding the sweet new calendar views to the queue!
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58431

Human endeavor. Great stuff! "Join us and experience the most celebrated moments of the story of the Silver Arrows "
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58432

The Obscure Economic Idea Behind SaaS Pricing Challenges
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58433

Mac Users: How To get rid of multiple "GoogleVoiceAndVideoAccelSetup" in OS X #Yosemite
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58434

Git users, geeky but really useful. @rtyley's BFG removes large or private blobs like git-filter-branch, but faster.
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58435

Useful: The 15 Best Browser Extensions to Improve Your Social Media Marketing
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58436

Five Maps of Tokyo
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58437
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/01/16

PSA for security: Browsing in privacy mode? Super Cookies can track you anyway.

警報:(英文記事) プライバシーモードでの閲覧を利用していますか?いずれにせよ、スーパークッキーはプライバシーモードの利用においても追跡可能です。
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/23 10:44:26438

Inspirational! "First Woman To Row Solo Across Three Oceans | Roz Savage"
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58439

Worth your time: The "Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58440

Why Is The High Wire Impossible To Resist? : NPR
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58441
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/01/14

PSA: iCloud 2FA security is still only rudimentary, and does not yet cover all Apple services. Use a strong password!

警報: (英文記事) iCloud 2FA セキュリティのは未だに初歩的なもので、まだすべてのAppleサービスをカバーしていません。強いパスワードを使用してください!
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/23 10:11:49442
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/01/13

PSA: trouble with Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop not running on OS X Yosemite? Add your user and admin group as "RW" (Read and Write) to /Library and ~/Library to fix.

警報: Adobeのクリエイティブ クラウド デスクトップが、Mac OS X Yosemiteでは動作に問題生じていますか? 修正方法は、あなたのユーザーとAdminグループをRW (読み書き) として、/Library~/Libraryに追加すると良い。

2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/17 11:14:13443

A whole site devoted to "Trash on the Moon" via Digg
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58444

We're seeing some but not all of those listed. "The Software and Services Apple Needs to Fix" from the Glog
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58445

Intel's $150 HDMI Stick Turns Any TV Into a Windows Desktop
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58446
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/01/09
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/23 10:05:22447

78 Tools for Writing Markdown: #motherlode
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58448

Devs: seen @stathat? Really useful. Ez integration, pretty charts, forecasts, "cards".
2018/05/15 18:22:582018/05/15 18:22:58449
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/01/07
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/23 10:05:51450

Repair Concierge Big Mama, is a useful Japan-based service. Buttons, hems, heels, recycling.________________
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59451
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2015/01/06

NASA Audio Collection "...make(s) available the historic audio record of the history of Human Spaceflight"

(英文記事)NASA オーディオ コレクション "...は、有人宇宙飛行歴史上において歴史的なオーディオ記録を可能にしました。"
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/23 10:04:46452

Happy New Year from @eSolia_Inc! Best bilingual IT services from Tokyo, Japan. January 06, 2015 at 08:17AM
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59453

Get new angles: here is a good, compact guide to critical thinking: "8 basic structures are present in all thinking"
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59454

Mac iTunes Users: use PowerTunes to create multiple libraries & music folders; share lib b/w multiple users per Mac"
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59455

Mac iTunes Users: Doug's M3Unify is a "flexible M3U playlist creator and file exporter" for loading portable media
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59456

Good summary of this year: "The Year 2014 in #Japan" Néojaponisme
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59457

Are you a student software developer? Take note of: "The best developer tools, now free (or discounted) for students"
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59458

Long but useful and food for thought. "15 rules for communicating at GitHub" » Ben Balter
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59459

Link list for front-end web development tools, like @jsfiddle, @js_bin or @codepen.
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59460

Learn about FIDO #security: "The Death Of The Password Starts Today (Maybe)"
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59461
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/12/18

Security PSA: Software devs, do it now "Vulnerability announced: update your Git clients".

セキュリティ警報: ソフトウェア開発者は、(英文記事)”脆弱性の発表: Git clientsの更新 を直ちに行ってください。
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/23 10:32:27462

Japan Rail's Sensational Signage | blog:Cogley at,
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59463
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/12/18
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/23 10:09:52464

How Different Cultures Understand Time
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59465

A long, geeky read: "In the Beginning Was The Command Line" - by Neal Stephenson | Mirror Site
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59466

This Hiking Story Reveals Cultural Differences Between Finns, Italians, And Japanese
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59467
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/12/16

Mac and iOS users, "App Santa" is a good annual sale, especially if you want to try various apps. You can save up to 80% thru Dec 26th.

MacとiOSユーザーにとって、"App Santa"は良い年次販売になります。12月26日までは最大80%値引きされます。
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/23 9:47:12468

Termly is "a way to explore the English language. It is a semantic reference. A dictionary. A thesaurus."
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59469

Farewell, Dr. Dobb's.
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59470

The @gendai_yougo is available. #Japanese "Buzzwords of 2014: from killer drugs to robotic refusals" _________
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59471

Lovely and useful. "The Secret Life of Passwords"
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59472

Hitachi Hyperdia - Japan "Timetable and Route Search" in English:
2018/05/15 18:22:592018/05/15 18:22:59473

Save that recovery key! "The Dark Side of Apple's Two-Factor Authentication"
2018/05/15 18:23:002018/05/15 18:23:00474

A nice summary from @buffer on "14 Recent Changes Social Media Marketers Need to Know"
2018/05/15 18:23:002018/05/15 18:23:00475

Great article by @teruclavel. Go blend in! "International schools in East Asia are as local as they want to be"
2018/05/15 18:23:002018/05/15 18:23:00476

How to: Reset a Crashed Mac OS X Finder, Dock or Menu
2018/05/15 18:23:002018/05/15 18:23:00477

Excellent. "An Illustrated History of Mac OS X"
2018/05/15 18:23:002018/05/15 18:23:00478

Of the conversations on Pico, @om Malik says they're "interesting, eclectic & they have reshaped my thinking..."
2018/05/15 18:23:002018/05/15 18:23:00479

Concepts and ideas for startups and entrepreneurs, released under Creative Commons licenses. from Matteo @intuiticc
2018/05/15 18:23:002018/05/15 18:23:00480

Indeed. How do you get to delightful. "SOME THINGS CAN’T BE WIREFRAMED"
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01481

This Is the Simplest Company Logo Generator You'll Ever Use
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01482

Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life. _Immanuel Kant 1724-1804

2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01483

OS X #Yosemite: even after 10.10.1 upgrade, wifi is still borked.

2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01484

It seems Twitter has been around 'forever', but here's a geeky post on how they're "Building a complete Tweet index"
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01485

Docker: How a Misspelling Launched the Most Important Startup You've Never Heard of
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01486

Keep it positive! "What do nice Internet users do?" By @davewiner
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01487

New Method Quarterly joins "scientists, scholars, artists & writers across the many fractured boundaries of science"
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01488

Will you buy an Apple Watch? Take a look at "The Computer on Your Wrist" for some wearables background. via 5IT
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01489

More amazing human accomplishments - did you know @BLOODHOUND_SSC goes 1000mph?!
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01490

Video from @ESA on @Philae2014 #CometLanding,
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01491

Human will & grit can accomplish wonders: "13 Failed Predictions That Couldn't Have Been More Wrong"
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01492

What an accomplishment! @Philae2014 has landed on a comet!
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01493

Any @1Password 5 users out there: the new wifi sync is much faster than the regular dropbox sync. Very nice!

2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01494

Sugru looks like an incredible product with many uses. Check it out:
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01495

Avoid OS X browser certificate errors by periodically cleaning out expired certs in the "Keychain Access" app.
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01496

We welcome a new engineer to eSolia: Laikuen. Welcome aboard!
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01497

OS X #Yosemite: more bugginess, this time in iTunes. It forgets that you've backed up your iDevice and forces a fresh, full backup. #annoyed

2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01498

OS X #Yosemite: more bugs, this time in the "kotoeri" Japanese input system. Sometimes it just crashes. Toggling Jp to En with mouse, fixes.

2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01499

OS X #Yosemite: wifi problems? Try "Assist Me" in Network Settings. Leave it open to nail the connection up. (#Apple please fix this!)

2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01500

OSX #Yosemite: unfortunately, continual crashes. Toolbar, dock or Finder become unresponsive, forcing a cold restart. Why u no QC, #Apple?

2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/15 18:23:01501
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/10/30

iOS tip: set auto download App updates from Settings, iTunes & App Store. Screenshot from iOS 8

iOSヒント: 設定、iTunes、App Storeの手順で自動アップデートアプリのアップデートを設定します。iOS8のスクリーンショット
2018/05/15 18:23:012018/05/24 15:51:50502
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/10/23

iOS 8 Health app- if you want to backup and restore your health data, you MUST encrypt your backup.

iOS 8 ヘルスケアアプリ - 健康データをバックアップし復元する場合は、バックアップを暗号化する必要があります。
2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/24 16:04:33503

OS X #Yosemite: it can be expected but we're experiencing bugs in wifi, keyb latency, bluetooth, wake-from-sleep. Software QC much, #Apple?

2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/15 18:23:02504
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/10/23

OS X Yosemite and iOS 8’s “instant hotspot” feature is wildly convenient. Nice!

OS X YosemiteとiOS 8の「インスタントホットスポット」機能は非常に便利です。素晴らしい機能!

2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/24 16:06:24505

OS X #Yosemite: significant instability with wake-from-sleep. Force quit and restart is Bothersome!

2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/15 18:23:02506

OS X #Yosemite: Green window maximize button default is now to go full screen. Option-click to force the old #OSX behavior.

2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/15 18:23:02507

OS X #Yosemite: web search terms entered in Spotlight or Safari are sent to Apple et al by default. Disable in System or Safari Preferences.

2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/15 18:23:02508

But of course #ApplePay won't be available in Japan.

2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/15 18:23:02509

OS X #Yosemite: to see the path of a file found by Spotlight search, press Cmd, not Opt-Cmd as previous.

2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/15 18:23:02510
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/10/20

OS X Yosemite: Handoff borked? Toggle Settings, General, Handoff & restart iOS 8.1 device. Then, toggle FaceTime prefs "cellular calls".

OS X Yosemite: Handoff 設定がうまくいかない?設定、一般、Handoffの順でiOS 8.1 デバイスを再起動させます。そして、FaceTime設定を”携帯電話”の設定に切り替えます。

2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/24 16:15:24511

OS X #Yosemite Spotlight is slick with upgrades. Go on: Ctrl-space, and try some unit conversions.

2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/15 18:23:02512

Trouble syncing OSX #Yosemite iCal with Google? Delete contents of ~/Library/Calendars, re-set the G account w/ app-specific passwd to fix.

2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/15 18:23:02513

OS X #Yosemite Calendar can't sync Google Calendar, even with an app-specific password (needed if you use 2-factor authentication).

2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/15 18:23:02514

OS X #Yosemite upgrade goes smoothly, and the new OS has a lot of nice touches.

2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/15 18:23:02515
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/10/13
2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/17 17:45:49516

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. _Alfred Tennyson 1809-1892

2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/15 18:23:02517
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/10/13

PSA: Typhoon Vongfong moving up Japan now, Tokyo area ETA 1-3am JST, 14 Oct. Take precautions & expect travel delays.

2018/05/15 18:23:022018/05/17 17:56:30518

A rule of thumb: "there’s favorable pricing, quick delivery, and high quality: please pick two".

2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/15 18:23:03519
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/10/07

Japan car-sharing services e.g. from Park24 or Orix offer "a cheaper alternative to owning a car in the city"

日本ではパーク24またはオリックスシェアなどのカーシェアリングサービスは(英文記事) ”都市内で自家用車の所持よりもお手軽な代替品”としてサービスを提供しています。
2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/23 10:46:33520

Sexism in tech, and what Etsy's trying to do about it. You should read it:
2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/15 18:23:03521
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/10/05

PSA: Flood Warning in Minato City, Tokyo.

警報: 東京都港区で洪水警報発生。
2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/23 10:04:04522
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/10/05

PSA: Typhoon Phanfone approaching Japan and should hit Kanto Sunday night through noon Monday. Expect travel delays.

2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/23 9:43:53523

Shimbashi Nakagin Capsule Tower was built in 1972 but is in disrepair. It's worth a look if you're nearby.
2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/15 18:23:03524

Chokuhan Go! Go! Japan Farmers' Markets (Japanese):
2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/15 18:23:03525
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/26

iOS 8 tip: the new "Hey Siri" feature is kinda cool, but it consumes battery from having to continually monitor for your voice command.

iOS 8 ヒント: 新しい”Hey Siri"の機能は素晴らしいですが、ユーザーの音声コマンドを継続監視する形となるためバッテリー消耗は通常よりも早いです。

2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/30 17:15:26526
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/25

iOS 8 tip: camera now has Timelapse recording and a slider for brightness.

iOS 8 ヒント: カメラには低速度撮影と輝度調節の機能が加わりました。

2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/24 16:23:08527
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/25

iOS 8 tip: Messages allows you to tap "Details" re a thread for contact info & linked photos, easily share location, mute, leave chat.

iOS 8 ヒント:メッセージでは、連絡先情報とリンクされた写真のスレッドにおける”詳細”をタプすることで、簡単に場所を共有したり、消音したり、チャットの書き込みしたりすることができます。

2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/24 16:33:22528
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/25

iOS 8 tip: app integration, finally. E.g. you can seamlessly access a password manager like 1Password from a website's login page.

iOS 8 ヒント: ついにアプリの統合化。つまり、ウェブサイトのログインページから所謂パ1つのパスワードであるパスワードマネージャーに問題なく接続できます。

2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/24 16:38:56529
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/25

iOS 8 tip: see which apps are eating battery in Settings > General > Usage.

iOS 8 ヒント: 設定>一般>使用状況に沿って、アプリのバッテリ消費量を確認できます。

2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/24 16:45:04530
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/24

iOS 8 tip: QuickType - tap auto-suggested words while typing & the suggested words are context-sensitive. (Not in Japanese version, though)

iOS 8 ヒント: クイックタイプとは、文字入力中に自動的に推奨される文脈依存の単語のことです。(しかし、日本語版ではこの機能はありません。)

2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/24 16:51:34531
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/24

iOS 8 Tip: Custom Keyboards are here! E.g. SwiftKey, Swype, TextExpander, Fleksy, PopKey. Download, then go to Settings, General, Keyboard.

iOS 8 ヒント: カスタムキーボードが解禁!SwiftKey、 Swype、TextExpander、Fleksy。PopKeyなどの例があります。ダウンロード後、設定、一般、キーボードに進みます。

2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/24 16:56:27532
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/24

iOS 8 Tip: Healthkit and the "Health" app, for unified health data. A bug is preventing integration, but Strava, Fitbit, Nike+ should work.

iOS 8 ヒント: Healthkitと"Health"は統合されたヘルスデータのためのアプリです。統合の妨げになるバグはありますが、Strava、Fitbit、Nike+ では問題なく使用可能です。

2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/24 17:02:08533
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/24

iOS 8 Tip: use "Family Sharing" to share cals, photos, & AppStore or iTunes purchases from the same credit card. You can OK kids' purchases.

iOS 8 ヒント: "家族の共有" の使用により電話と写真の共有、及び、AppStoreやiTunesにおける購入は同じクレジットカードで使用可能となります。お子さんの購入を承認するだけ済みます。

2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/24 17:41:05534
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/24

iOS 8 Tip: "HomeKit" allows control of disparate "smart home" devices like lights or thermostat from 1 place. Open the pod bay doors, Siri!

iOS 8 ヒント: "HomeKit"は、照明やサーモスタットのような異なる”スマートホーム”デバイスを1か所から制御することができます。
Siri, ポッド区画の扉を開けてくれ!

2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/24 17:31:46535
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/23

iOS 8 Tip: double push the home button to access your favorites and recents at the top, as well as the usual open apps.

iOS 8 ヒント: ホームボタンを2回押すと、お気に入りと上部の最近よく使用するもの、そして、通常開いているアプリに接続可能になります。

2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/24 17:36:47536

Shinano Rail's classy "#Rokumon" train runs b/w Nagano & Karuizawa, and serves beautiful Japanese #bento box lunch.
2018/05/15 18:23:032018/05/15 18:23:03537

Oigawa Rail in #Shizuoka is running "#Thomas the Tank Engine" steam trains thru Oct 2014.
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04538
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/22

iOS8 Tip: respond to notifications (message, cal, Facebook etc) right from the home or lock screen. Tap to respond, swipe to ignore.

iOS 8 ヒント: ホーム画面やロック画面から通知(メッセージ、電話、Facebookなど)に対応する際に、応答するにはタップ、無視するにはスワイプ、の形で行います。

2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/24 17:40:37539
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/22

iOS 8 Tip: 3rd party "widgets" can now be installed in notifications pull-down drawer. E.g.: Yahoo weather, OmniFocus tasks, ESPN sports.

iOS 8 ヒント: サードパーティー製の”ウィジェット”を通知のプルダウンドロワーにインストールできるようになりました。例えば、Yahoo天気、OmniFocusタスク、ESPNスポーツ。

2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/24 17:51:25540
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/21

iOS 8 Tip: TouchID (iPhone 5S, 6, 6+) can be used by 3rd Party developers. You can use it already in AgileBits 1Password password manager.

iOS 8 ヒント: TouchID(iPhone 5S、6、6+)はサードパーティの開発者でも使用できます。 AgileBits 1Password のパスワードマネージャで使用できます。

2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/24 17:53:52541
表示English, 日本語はい2014/09/20

iOS8 Tip: spotlight search is smarter. Search your iPhone as usual & now also for apps to download, local entertainment, songs, streams.

iOS 8 ヒント: スポットライトの検索機能はより賢いものです。iPhoneの検索と同じように、ダウンロードするアプリ、近場の娯楽、歌、ストリームなどの検索ができます。

2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/24 17:58:21542
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/20

iOS 8 tip: "Continuity" will let you hand off browser sessions, conversations, docs to your Mac, when upgraded to OS X Yosemite.

iOS 8 ヒント: OS X Yosemiteにアップグレードすると、ブラウザのセッション、会話、ドキュメントは継続的に使用中のMacに連携機能によってつ繋がります。

2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/24 17:23:24543
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/09/17

Will you update to iOS 8 on day one? You need about 5GB free to do it.

初日からiOS 8のアップデートを行いますか?アップデートするには5GBの空き容量が必要です。

2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/24 17:18:25544

Heard of "Lunch Teiki"? Pay a monthly fee, and get lunch for 500 yen in Shibuya, Meguro, Ebisu areas of #Tokyo. Lunch Teiki____________________________________________________________________________
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04545

A worthy challenge; interested to see if it succeeds. "AXIOM Beta: The first open (source) digital cinema camera"
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04546

So, pretty much like PayPal? "Apple Said to Reap Fees From Banks in New Payment System"
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04547

Whatever it's called, 'all your wrist belong to us.' "Apple iWatch Could Be At Heart Of A Giant New Industry"
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04548

Multi-linguals will likely have done this, even if they don't know the word for it: "Code switching"
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04549

Will it even be called the iWatch? "9 things to expect from Apple's iWatch"
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04550

Should machines be programmed to lie?
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04551

Hankering for the grills and thrills of Greek cuisine? Alex Dutson tells us where to get it in #Japan.
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04552

Worth your time to read. "What is the blue light from our screens really doing to our eyes?"
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04553

Clients don't usually want the truth. "What We Do and Don't Know about Software Development Effort Estimation"
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04554

Are SNSs weakening us? "Study: Social Media Users Shy Away From Opinions"
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04555

How would this fare country to country? "Self-Serve Coffee Shop Manages To Make Money On The Honor System"
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04556

Great article on DIY publishing by Hugh Ashton. "7 reasons why #self-publishing isn't automatically the right choice"
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04557

Potentially dangerous?! It is good Apple has finally done the right thing, but #benzene is a known carcinogen ...
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04558

What business have we with art unless we can all share it? - William Morris, 1834 - 1896

2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04559

Sushi Iwa, great sushi in Ginza Tokyo, from @TokyoFoodFile.,
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04560

On foreigner rights: "If you imagine paying taxes in #Japan entitles you to #welfare, you may want to take a seat..."
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04561

Aug 2014 is attached to an urban myth: "Why 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays don’t occur every 823 years"
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04562

Far-reaching privacy impact: "Software That Can See Will Change Privacy Forever"
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04563

New: @Screenhero to be released at an expensive US$10/user/month. Requires registered user, so it's not for support.
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04564
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/07/25

PSA: Tokyo is truly hot now, with 80% humidity. Hydrate. Don't walk your dog in this or leave your child in the car.

警報: 東京は湿度80%で本当に暑いです。犬の散歩を控えてください。車にお子さんを一人で残していかないようにしてください。

2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/23 10:16:09565

Neighborhood associations are part of life in #Japan: "Chores, charges and chin-wags: the ch_naikai ties that bind"
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04566

The Fasinatng … Frustrating … Fascinating History of Autocorrect by Gideon Lewis-Kraus
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04567

Many have no place else to go. "Retirees swell national debt treating clinics as clubs"
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04568

It's pool season, so take a moment to learn the "Uite-mate" technique (and teach your children), to prevent drowning:
2018/05/15 18:23:042018/05/15 18:23:04569
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/07/23

PSA: Take due care, 3K in hospital, 3 dead while "Heat-wave sweeps Japan"

警報:熱中症に気を付けてください!約3,000人は病院に運ばれ、3人は亡くなっています。(英文記事) "日本に熱波到来"
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/23 10:15:11570

Apply pressure. Makers & factories should cease using #Benzene: "Who Pays the Price? The Human Cost of Electronics"
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05571

Are you dragging mental baggage with you? Have a read of @Locohama's latest article and shed some of them:
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05572

No joke. US citizens, this is one way to make your voice heard about the truly dumb push to eliminate net neutrality.
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05573

Even better, talent+practice. "How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Talent"
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05574

A cool time-lapse look into "what happens when you send something by (postal) mail" by Ruben van der Vleuten
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05575
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PSA: Super-typhoon Neoguri to hit greater Tokyo from tonight (Thur 10 July) thru tomorrow noon. Take precautions.

警報: 大型台風第8号ネオグリ(Neoguri )は今夜(7月10日木曜日)から明日午前中にかけて東京エリアを上陸する見込みです。台風に対す備えをしっかり準備してください。
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/23 10:16:53576

Defeat Any Chatbot in a Turing Test with ASCII Art
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05577
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🎉㊗️It's eSolia's 15th Anniversary! We founded eSolia Inc on 7th July 1999 for IT service excellence. Thank you for another successful year!

2018/05/07 12:37:282018/05/24 15:06:09360

In #Oita Aug 27? How about attending "Concert for Kids: #Classical Music from Age Zero"
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05578

We founded @eSolia_Inc on 7th July 1999 for IT service excellence. Thank you for another successful year! _IT_________1999_7_7@eSolia_Inc____________________________________
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05579

TODAY in #Yokohama at Yamashita Park: "Belgian Beer Weekend (BBW)"
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05580

In #Yokohama TODAY? You might enjoy: "DanceCross takes place at Red Brick Warehouse from 4:40pm, July 6"
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05581

With OS X "Yosemite", Apple to replace iPhoto & Aperture with "Photos", apparently also not bringing over the pro features therein. #jilted

2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05582

We should not say how's business, but where is business - Thomas Robert Dewar, 1864 - 1930

2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05583

If I love you, what business is it of yours? - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749 - 1832

2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05584

:-) Canada & The United States: Bizarre Borders Part 2
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05585

Japan Visitors, why not check out the "Fujikawaguchiko Herb Festival" and photograph Mt. Fuji with beautiful colors.
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05586

Do you feel a need for more technology in your life, or less? "Larry Page on Google’s Many Arms"
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05587

True. It's not geared towards informality of any kind. "In Japan’s courts, even verbal job offers count"
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05588

An Office for Introverts:
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05589

Good article by Baye McNeil "The naked American at Narita airport" on arriving foreign in Japan. @hi_mynameisloco
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05590

Bret Victor's wonderful "Ten Brighter Ideas?An Explorable Explanation" (click & explore the text)
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05591

Bret Victor gives us the next step in "Explorable Explanations". Check it out! thx 5IT
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05592

Poor corporate behavior by Yamada Denki: "Well-bitten consumers shy of Japan’s disappearing e-books" by @akky
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05593

Japan visitors, in #Kansai with kids? They might like this: "Creative approach brings science to life in #Osaka"
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/06/06 16:00:37594

Japan visitors, good news!: "Son commits to Wi-Fi spots for foreign visitors"
2018/05/15 18:23:052018/05/15 18:23:05595

Old School: 7 Ideas From Ancient Thinkers To Improve Your Modern Life:
2018/05/15 18:23:062018/05/15 18:23:06596

6 Places to Find Data For Infographics, Charts and Visual Content:,
2018/05/15 18:23:062018/05/15 18:23:06597

The Right Way to Retinafy Your Websites:
2018/05/15 18:23:062018/05/15 18:23:06598

N'EX to Mt. Fuji could be useful once JR optimize the scheduling: "#Narita_Express train headed to Mount #Fuji"
2018/05/15 18:23:062018/05/15 18:23:06599

A very slick lighting option for safe night #cycling. "The Bicycle Light Reimagined"
2018/05/15 18:23:062018/05/15 18:23:06600

I can haz tweets? (oh no) "Weird Corporate Twitter"
2018/05/15 18:23:062018/05/15 18:23:06601

Learn How to Manage Your Email in 10 Tips:
2018/05/15 18:23:062018/05/15 18:23:06602

Create Products that People Love by Validating Your Idea First:
2018/05/15 18:23:062018/05/15 18:23:06603

Richard Branson on Finding Your Passion Project:
2018/05/15 18:23:062018/05/15 18:23:06604

52 Terrific Tips for Writing Better:
2018/05/15 18:23:062018/05/15 18:23:06605

Storytelling Is Changing: Why Gary Vaynerchuk Is Investing In Micro-Content:
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07606

9 Photoshop Alternatives For Big and Small Tasks:
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07607

Can't Get Started? Work for Five Minutes (and No More)
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07608

Type Makes A Difference: An Exploration Of Type-Focused Websites:,
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07609

For Tech Startups, Raising Less Cash Often Pays Off:
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07610

Just got email from about our "trial", but we are a @lastpass customer. The linked site is surely fake:
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07611

Treating People with Kindness:
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07612

In #Osaka? See paintings by great young painter Sai Hashizume et al at National Museum of #Art, thru Sept 15.
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07613

Decadent! "Eating Avalanche (¥1350) at the Marunouchi Oazo branch of...Debailleul is like falling in love" by @aekubo
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07614

Got a lightweight collar and dog tags for our Golden Retriever who ran away. Hopefully it won't bother her to wear it at home just in case.

2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07615

It's a big loss! Go analog; go cursive! "What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades"
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07616

Something to try? "Sitting Is Bad for You. So I Stopped. For a Whole Month."
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07617

World cup attendees, watch out for beasties. "#Brazil: No Fun for Arachnophobes"
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07618

Like the radio? "The Golden Age of Radio in the US"
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07619

And social networks are likely good catalysts for this kind of crime. "Winning the War on Crime in the Supply Chain"
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07620

10th June every year is "toki no kinenbi" or "time anniversary" in #Japan, to mark the 1st waterclock est. in 671._
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07621

Pronunciation poem. English learners, you have it hard! Native speakers, give "The Chaos" a try:
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07622

Japan visitors, why not check out handmade crafts at #Yokohama Handmade Marche, June 7 & 8.
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07623

Japan visitors, how about seeing the firefly "hotaru" festival at Takegasawa Park (Izu-Okawa Stn) June 5-15, 7:30-9p
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07624

Japan visitors, "Essential summer festivals 2014" on parade. Maybe fit one into your plans?:
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07625

Japan visitors might enjoy: "Making good time: Museums in #Tokyo offer timepieces of history"
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07626

I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think. _Socrates 469-399 BC

2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07627

We enable big data with every post and share. "The Anxieties of Big Data"
2018/05/15 18:23:072018/05/15 18:23:07628

Thinking design is how things work for people. "Engineering as a Driving Force Behind the Design Thinking Movement"
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08629

Start of a map of audio shops in Tokyo.
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08630

Without peeking at the article, can you guess "The 10 Algorithms That Dominate Our World"?
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08631

New quick video screencast tutorial on switching Youtube to HTML5.
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08632

Interesting letters regarding returnees to Japan: "Kikokushijo encounter trouble upon re-entry"
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08633

Support Niseko Green Farm: "Farm life leads to healthy business for Dutch expat"
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08634

Thanking all those who sacrifice for their selfless service.

2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08635

Nihongo students, you might enjoy: "Learning Japanese by singing along" #itreallyworks
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08636

Don't compare yourself to someone who has been doing what you do for years or decades. Understand that that's how long greatness can take.

2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08637

The Secret History of Hypertext by Alex Wright
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08638

Go team! "#Tokyo top for tourist joy in 2013, survey says"
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08639

Rather than stewing in your dissatisfaction, care enough to clearly explain why something is not up to par and what can be done.

2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08640

A real problem for #Japan with its growing aged population. "Caring for #dementia sufferers"
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08641

Foodies in #Japan, all about Mirin: "Why not add a little booze?"
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08642

Nihongo students, see: "Translating movie titles into #Japanese can get a bit wairudo"
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08643
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Trying to sync Google shared calendars to an iOS 7.1 device? Use this URL in mobile Safari.

Google共有カレンダーを iOS 7.1 端末への同期を行おうとしていますか?モバイルSafariではこちらのURLをご利用ください。
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/25 12:09:24644

Want to own some cool #Tokyo photography? Check out @ShootTokyo: The Book, by Dave Powell on Kickstarter
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08645

Still, it is better to control your own content. Easy and free has a high cost. "Death of Homepages"
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08646

Visiting #Osaka #Japan with kids? Fun "museum offers Big Bang for your buck"
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08647

Likely yes, computers will be able to recognize you from child photos. Everything posted is up for processing grabs.
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08648

Is Spring depressing?! #Nihongo students will enjoy "On drinking, May and battling the blues" by Kaori Shoji
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08649

Japan visitors "know your rights when faced with ‘stop & frisk’"; note that there is really no 'due process' here.
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08650

More 'kikokushijo' is good for #Japan. "Returnees’ experiences drive a will to give something back" by @TeruClavel
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08651

Do you want to save 30%+ on ink and toner? Talk to Mem Miller at Dimples about purchasing their special product.
2018/05/15 18:23:082018/05/15 18:23:08652

Patently silly: "Amazon granted patent for taking photos against a white background"
2018/05/15 18:23:092018/05/15 18:23:09653

Watch, everyone will know the word 'theaflavins' when these products go to market. "Tea powder packs healthy punch"
2018/05/15 18:23:092018/05/15 18:23:09654

How about a daytrip from #Tokyo, 10-11 May: #Hitachi Int'l Daidogei Performer Festival. Take JR Hitachi from Ueno.
2018/05/15 18:23:092018/05/15 18:23:09655

In #Tokyo this weekend? Visit the free "OKINAWA Festival" at #Yoyogi Park Event Square, May 10-11, 11am-9pm.
2018/05/15 18:23:092018/05/15 18:23:09656

Begs the question, is law enforcement becoming dependent upon electronic footprints? "Philip Welsh’s simple life..."
2018/05/15 18:23:092018/05/15 18:23:09657

Imagine the insurance companies' input into the algorithm: "Cars of Tomorrow May Just Be Programmed to Hit You"
2018/05/15 18:23:092018/05/15 18:23:09658

Oh, please do! "@CarolineKennedy, dive with me in Okinawa and it’ll change your mind"
2018/05/15 18:23:092018/05/15 18:23:09659

The Sagawa Kyubin delivery guy should definitely get a big tattoo and dress like this!:
2018/05/15 18:23:092018/05/15 18:23:09660
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PSA: mountain conditions are treacherous even in spring: "2 climbers die of exposure, others rescued in Japan Alps"

警報: 春になっても登山の状況を甘く見て油断してはいけません。(英文記事) ”日本のアルプスでは二人が死亡、残りの方は救助された”
2018/05/15 18:23:092018/05/23 10:16:25661

Well-informed article by H. Okunuki: "Companies save by treating staff as contractors, but the law is clear..."
2018/05/15 18:23:092018/05/15 18:23:09662

Smart! "Why I Stopped Using “Actually” and “But” In My Customer Service Emails"
2018/05/15 18:23:092018/05/15 18:23:09663

Excellent article. Not much has changed. "Kikokushijo: returnees to a country not yet ready for them" by @TeruClavel
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10664

Avoid-ability makes it all the more tragic. "Sunken South Korean ferry was routinely overloaded, records show"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10665

Hope our Toranomon office rent does not go up! "Tokyo’s ‘Champs Elysees’: a business haven in the making?"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10666

Ore-ore scams continue in #Japan. "Telephone fraud: ‘Hello, is it me you’re looking for?’"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10667

Ocean waves are much stronger than they look. Tragic: "Day at beach turns fatal for five in Niigata"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10668

Why never to travel in #Japan in early May. "Golden Week...transport routes overwhelmed"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10669

Saitama's Yamaki Jozo is "a natural #miso and #soy factory that is always full of beans" by Nancy Singleton Hachisu
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10670

Nihongo students, a very useful article: "Flipping kanji around for new meanings"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10671

Will it make a difference? "Young businesspeople wooed (by #Osaka) in bid to stop brain drain to Tokyo"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10672

In #Tokyo for Golden Week? Try "TACT Festival 2014" May 3-11, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre near JR Ikebukuro Station.
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10673

bills serves excellent breakfast fare. "Bill Granger’s reciprocal love affair with Tokyo eating"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10674

Coming to #Japan in Oct 2014: "Collector coins to fete shinkansen" 50th anniversary.
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10675

Hell yes, 'depachika'! "Japan’s freshest ready meals can be found in the basement"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10676

Monopoly-squash: "JR unit organized sales campaigns after the tax hike and forced all 161 tenant firms to cut prices"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10677

Watch, listen, let it sink in. "Give All the Awards to Lupita Nyong’o for Her Inspirational Speech About Beauty"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10678

Golden Week and O-bon traffic can be insane. "#Tokyo: what not to do and when not to do it"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10679

A fundamental result of oversharing? "Suddenly, meeting a stranger didn’t seem like such a scary risk after all."
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10680

Tatemae is just social lubricant. "In a world of pretense, are Japanese just more honest about lying?"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10681

Heady stuff. "Why capture one photo, from one angle, with one perspective, when we could capture everything?"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10682

You're a blip. "Traveling the world to photograph continuously living organisms 2000 years old & older" #perspective
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10683

Useful if you do any design: "The largest database of free vector icons"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10684

Such a risky proposition. "Charting Deaths on Mount Everest"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10685

Tragic. Everything about the Sewol disaster is a muck-up. "Two Hours Turned School Island Excursion to Horror at Sea"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10686

How much of your current worries are reality? Focus on the real, and at the same time, give yourself a break, to relax and breathe.

2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10687

In #Japan with kids? See “The Tiger’s Lullaby” etc April 27-June 22 at Puppet Theater PUK near #Shinjuku #Tokyo.
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10688

Does it work in your area? "Google Maps offers its viewers a fresh twist on time travel"
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10689

Ironically mentioned: "He also has cut out almost all social media, rarely posting or checking...Twitter..."
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10690

Worth your thought: "The causal, if-and-only-if connection with reward...should be the #innovation litmus test."
2018/05/15 18:23:102018/05/15 18:23:10691

A terrible toll. "Worst-ever tragedy kills 13, highlights brutal risks for famed Sherpa guides"
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11692

Are we the only ones? "E-ELT will open new windows on the cosmos, distant past"
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11693

Keystone Cops: Airport scrambles to change security pass codes after employee drops memo containing the details.
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11694

Riken now flogging research notebooks to kids. "‘STAPgate’ shows Japan must get back to basics in science"
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11695

Deeply troubling: "It’s essentially trying to protect the company from all accountability, even when it lies..."
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11696

We want a modular phone that can reduce waste, is built on an open platform and made for the entire world
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11697

And anti-whaling protesters are the 'emotional' ones?! "(#Japan) Diet members dine on #whale meat in defiance of ICJ"
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11698

A fantastic and clear explanation: "Hague jars with #Japan’s family law, a zero-sum game with only one outcome"
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11699

So the tax revenue gain is being spent on 600 "special investigators"?! "Big biz keen to skirt tax hike"
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11700

Good. It is easy to get lost there. "Shibuya Station to be rebuilt"
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11701

In #Tokyo or #Yokohama area? I judge you'll have fun at: "Celebrate Ooka in #Chigasaki", 19-20 April.
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11702

In #Tokyo? Move your body at "#Roppongi Art Night 2014" starting tonight 19th April at 18:00.
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11703

In #Osaka #Japan with kids? "SPA WORLD - onsen from around the world" seems good for indoor wet fun.
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11704

The underbelly: "Outraged authors accuse Apple of destroying Japan’s tech industry"
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11705

Everybody go have sex and procreate! "Japan population drops for third year straight; 25% are elderly"
2018/05/15 18:23:112018/05/15 18:23:11706

Just add sunlight. "Pulitzers uphold watchdog tradition"
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12707

Talk about process improvement! "Formula 1 Pits Stops From 1950 Vs. Today"
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12708

Great sleuthing re the tetrapods that have invaded every #Japan shore. "The Making of Tetrapods" @AliceGordenker
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12709

Thanko's USB-powered mini sewing machine! Use it for small repairs, even denim.
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12710
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/04/17

Convenient iOS app for Japan visitors: "Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists"

訪日外客向けの便利なiOSアプリ: "Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists"
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/31 14:43:54711

Japan visitors, you might want to go "All aboard the art train to Ichihara", #Chiba, through May 11th.
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12712

That's the thing; 'unproved' precludes 'revolution'. "Obokata mentor, co-author: STAP cells just a ‘hypothesis’"
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12713

If ICC says Brkic's contract was "gy_mu itaku" (consignment), he should have been let alone to work as he saw fit.
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12714

Bust out your slide rule. Seems much more complex than "Seek morning light when traveling eastward"
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12715

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12716

Try it for one quarter, and find a way to do it better: "Working more is never the answer."
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12717

Nose-to-the-grindstone is not the way to go: "How to Have a Eureka Moment"
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12718

Tokyo to Nagoya in 45 min. "US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy tours magnetically levitated train with Japanese PM Abe."
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12719

Japan may waive maglev train technology license fees in deal with U.S.
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12720

Lots of subterranean passages in #Tokyo, where "...developers are exploring new ways to utilize space underground"
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12721

Japan neighborhood councils oft remind us to be aware & alert: "Teen grilled over ¥400 million scam" #ore-ore-sagi
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12722

Not daijobu. "A dairy farmer's story of how nuclear power destroyed a community and a way of life"
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12723

You might benefit from thinking on this: "The Psychology of Language: Which Words Matter the Most When We Talk"
2018/05/15 18:23:122018/05/15 18:23:12724

How a politician is "confident" re something like this I don't know, but I hope for closure for the MH370 families.
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13725

Do it now. "Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now"
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13726

The power of LINE. Other carriers will follow. "Docomo rejiggers pricing schemes to counter free phone apps"
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13727

They should add larger foreigners into the mix too. "Simulation of texting at Shibuya crossing goes viral"
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13728

Something to see in #Tokyo: "Edo-Tokyo Museum maps out the history of Japan’s capital"
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13729

Is there such a thing as too connected? "Hackers Lurking in Vents and Soda Machines" #security #infosec
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13730
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/04/09

PSA ALERT: "everything you need to know about the Heartbleed web security flaw"
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/23 10:07:13731

Can you feel it? "Serious reading takes a hit from online scanning and skimming, researchers say"
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13732

James Hadfield "examine(s) what the government is doing to improve conditions for cyclists in #Tokyo" #cycling
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13733

Interested in Japanese washoku in your own kitchen? "Sharpen your kitchen skills with No Recipes"
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13734

What do you ponder when idling in a queue, or when exercising? Try: problems of loved ones; a current challenge; your good fortune. Go deep.

2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13735

A Dash called Wanda "Amazon’s Magic Wand and the Unrelenting Race to Make Shopping More Convenient"
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13736

Business potential for this is fascinating. "U.S. Navy touts ‘game-changing’ seawater-fuel conversion technology"
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13737

Visitors, it's perfect timing to do some 'hanami' cherry blossom watching. "The Sakura front sweeps across Japan"
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13738

Japan Visitors, how about a drink at a monster, ninja, or railway bar: "#Tokyo jumps on theme bar bandwagon"
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13739

With raised sales tax, it's a double punch. "Abe may reduce tax benefits for women"
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13740

Fake cops in #Japan asking to see foreigner IDs (zairyu cards, passports), so read this to know your rights.
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13741

Do you want some Israeli food in #Tokyo #Japan? Get your hummus on:
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13742
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/04/01
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/22 10:08:56743

Bird calls of #Japan from Suntory. Click the links near the sound icon to listen.
2018/05/15 18:23:132018/05/15 18:23:13744

A good outline to ponder: "The 12 Pillars of Innovation" @briansolis
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14745

Japan Rail's "Scent Alerts" sounds legit!
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14746

Multitasking' is just an excuse to work inefficiently. Try clearing away distractions, and focusing on only one thing for 20 min today.

2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14747

There is indeed a lot of activity in this area. "The ‘golden age’ of encryption?"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14748

Muslim visitors to #Yokohama #Japan might find this site useful:
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14749

Sites to see in #Kyoto #Japan: "Under the beat of the Taiko"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14750

Polish your social profiles: "The 15-Minute Social Media Audit Everyone Can Do"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14751

Delight may be an intangible concept, but it's a useful term to describe Pixar's relationship with its audience"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14752

All in one: "Quick mash up and catchup on all available data from flight MH370 news"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14753

In Japan? Take a brewery tour: "Beer and sake factories show tourists what’s brewing"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14754
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/03/27

LinkedIn 2-factor authentication does indeed work with their official iOS app.


2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/25 12:24:13755

Despite the ubiquity of "connections" these days, do you feel connected? What are you doing to really connect?

2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14756

Can you match it? "Fauja Singh | Run on, you crazy diamond"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14757

Japan visitors interested in youth theatre? Catch TIP Youth productions, April 24-27 at Theater Bonbon in Nakano"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14758

Japan visitors can view 1896 Sanriku Quake images, at the Nat'l Museum of Japanese History in #Chiba, thru 6 May
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14759

What will be the default for our grandkids? "What will blow our minds in the next 30 years?"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14760

Ageism in Silicon Valley. This line is a keeper: "No, I’m the token grown-up."
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14761

It's hard to make things easy, but there is beauty in doing so: "#Yoga by Numbers adds up to poses to everyone"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14762

Have you ever wondered what goes into the naming of medical devices? Here's some interesting insight into it.
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14763

Students of Nihongo: "Being laughed at can help your Japanese evolve"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14764

Some interesting and useful ideas: "Sleep Your Way to Creativity And 9 More Surefire Methods For More Ideas"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14765

Experts may doubt it, but are they the target audience? "Selective consumption tax breaks inch closer"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14766

Mariko Nagai has an interesting multilingual story: "Born in Japan, made in America"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14767

Feeling grateful. Twitter was one thing that still worked after the big 2011 #Japan quake.
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14768

Visiting #Japan for the flowers? Check this out: "Our guide to family hanami hot spots"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14769

Painfully ironic: the anti-racism statements were made in front of no one. "Urawa plays to draw in silent stadium"
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14770

New generation of high-tech products in the ongoing fight against hay fever
2018/05/15 18:23:142018/05/15 18:23:14771

Need something to do April 29-May 5 in #Japan? Try a pottery fair in Mashiko.
2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15772

Fighting the good fight "Wind Industry’s New Technologies Are Helping It Compete on Price"
2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15773

Looking forward to seeing this once it is done. "Vatican to digitize manuscripts with NTT, put them online"
2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15774

Stop worrying about yourself for a moment, and think: how can I genuinely help others today?

2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15775

A good thing: "Tokyo to put up more multi-language signs for Olympics"
2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15776

Nothing good about "immediate response" culture. "Students in Aichi city to be banned from using phones after 9 p.m."
2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15777

Tokyo visitors, enjoy the Taimatsu Matsuri (Torchlight Festival) at Kameido Tenjin Shrine, starting 18:00, 25th March
2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15778

Japan visitors, go see the "Ueno #Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival)" from 21 March to 6 April.
2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15779

Were you in #Japan in '95 & do you remember? "19th anniversary of deadly Aum sarin attack"
2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15780

Venture "Rakugaki Memory" founded by Kenta Mizuno, a senior at #Tokyo’s Waseda U., turns kids' drawings into toys.
2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15781

Creepy now; normal in 3 years. "Airlines Use Digital Technology to Get Even More Personal"
2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15782

Japan "Soboro" Obento Recipe: "Feed their tummies & minds with a back-to-school bent_"
2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15783

Science shows connections between simply daily acts and memory improvement:
2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15784

Among politicians and businessmen, "Pragmatism" is the current term for "To hell with our children." - Edward Abbey, 1927 - 1989

2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15785

Frequent travelers, what are your pet peeves about luggage? "A Renewed Emphasis on Bag Size at United"
2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15786

Delving into the oft-irritating "payment-received tape / o-kaiage t_pu" that you get stuck with at stores in #Japan:
2018/05/15 18:23:152018/05/15 18:23:15787

A problem out of the gate when domains first appeared in #Japan: "Trademark holders fear ‘cybersquatters’"
2018/05/15 18:23:162018/05/15 18:23:16788

Beer-o-philes in #Japan check out "BrewDog: Scottish brewery’s #Tokyo pub has attitude on tap" by @aekubo
2018/05/15 18:23:162018/05/15 18:23:16789

Do you tune out automated emails? "Auto... email notifications are the bane of my life"
2018/05/15 18:23:162018/05/15 18:23:16790

Powerful statements, "each (of which) has the power to dramatically change someone's day"
2018/05/15 18:23:162018/05/15 18:23:16791

Science of failure: "It’s all about testing, rather than “making decisions.”"
2018/05/15 18:23:162018/05/15 18:23:16792

Slow progress on MH370 awful for relatives of passengers: "Malaysian plane probe spotlights cockpit crew, engineer"
2018/05/15 18:23:162018/05/15 18:23:16793

Foreign parent in #Osaka area, with young children? "“Sun Sun Club” for Foreign Parents & Kids Open"
2018/05/15 18:23:162018/05/15 18:23:16794

Students of #Nihongo, learn "kanzen ch_aku, to reward good and punish evil" and others in this article:
2018/05/15 18:23:162018/05/15 18:23:16795

Congratulations Cmdr Wakata, who "took command of the most audacious engineering accomplishment in human history"
2018/05/15 18:23:162018/05/15 18:23:16796

Nagoya station is impressive: "The JR Central Towers is the world’s largest station building"
2018/05/15 18:23:162018/05/15 18:23:16797

Visiting #Kyoto? Exploring by bike in the spring months is a fantastic option!
2018/05/15 18:23:172018/05/15 18:23:17798

Thanking him for many years of humor in #Japan Times: "Dahl still drawing on the joys and absurdities of expat life"
2018/05/15 18:23:172018/05/15 18:23:17799

In #Kyoto from 21 to 23 March? See the "Kyoto Art Flea Market" showcasing young artists' work:
2018/05/15 18:23:172018/05/15 18:23:17800

Parkinson's law is a vital axiom of project management. "How To Do More Stuff By Giving Yourself Less Time"
2018/05/15 18:23:172018/05/15 18:23:17801

Mt #Fuji Climbers be aware: "More people making trail blunders when climbing down"
2018/05/15 18:23:172018/05/15 18:23:17802

How to Make Yourself Work When You Just Don't Want To
2018/05/15 18:23:172018/05/15 18:23:17803

Classical music fans in #Japan, you might enjoy the "Spring Festival in #Tokyo" starting White Day 14th March 2014:
2018/05/15 18:23:172018/05/15 18:23:17804

Google Drive drops prices: "$1.99 for 100GB (previously $4.99), $9.99 for 1TB (prev. $49.99), and $99.99 for 10TB"
2018/05/15 18:23:172018/05/15 18:23:17805

The Busy Person’s Guide to Reducing Stress
2018/05/15 18:23:172018/05/15 18:23:17806

6 totally strange but effective productivity hacks
2018/05/15 18:23:172018/05/15 18:23:17807

Indeed, why shouldn't smartphones be recycled? "The Radical Concept of Longevity in a Smartphone"
2018/05/15 18:23:172018/05/15 18:23:17808

Key firms agree to hike pay scales yet #Japan sales tax hike to 8% from 1st April 2014, will offset this tenfold:
2018/05/15 18:23:172018/05/15 18:23:17809
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/03/12

Refinements, additions, and un-breaking stuff: iOS 7.1 reviewed | Ars Technica

改良されたもの、追加されたもの、そして、いまだ解読されていないもの: iOS 7.1 のレビュー | (英文記事)Ars Technica
2018/05/15 18:23:172018/05/25 12:33:59810

Men in #Japan, learn to cook at ABC? "Answer the kitchen’s call with a casual cookery course" by @aekubo
2018/05/15 18:23:172018/05/15 18:23:17811

At about 14:46 on 11th March, 3 years ago in 2011, Tohoku Japan got hit with a massive earthquake and tsunami. May they rebuild.

2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18812

Let's hope we can avoid this kind of racism at the 2020 Olympics: "Urawa Reds investigating 'Japanese Only' banner"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18813

267,000 people still without homes, 3 years after massive Tohoku earthquake: "Disaster-hit communities struggle"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18814

Be prepared and help others to do so. "Clarify your role, prepare before a disaster strikes"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18815

Today 3/9 is "thank you" day, thanks to Japanese language wordplay. San Kyuu = Thank you

2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18816

What will Tokyo build to counter it? "#Osaka Tests #Tokyo Dominance With #Japan’s Tallest Skyscraper"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18817

The 10 Commandments of Landing Pages That Work: via @Copyblogger
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18818

How Google Works, Animated:
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18819
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/03/06

Japan visitors, want something to see? ART FAIR TOKYO is running 7-9 March.

2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/31 14:44:58820

Advice from Artists on Overcoming Creative Block, Handling Criticism & Nurturing Self-Worth: via @brainpicker
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18821

The Science of Persuasion: How To Get People to Agree with What You Say:,
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18822

“The free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world.” - John Steinbeck

2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18823

Travelers, do you use any apps like this?: "It Remembers, You Fold: Packing-List Apps" @stephronyt
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18824

Tokyo visitors, something to see: "Nomura's 'Don Quixote' enlists comedy to counter today's real foes"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/27 8:20:05825

Juku students may get a proxy one day! "Robots challenged to pass Todai examination"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18826

Non-drinker in #Tokyo? "Sober is the new drunk at juice-cocktail bar" by @aekubo
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18827

Do simple cross-platform file & photo sharing (Mobile, Win, Mac, Linux) with @Dropbox. Try it free here:
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18828
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/03/04

Japan visitors: you can visit a security expo at Tokyo Big Sight, including a slick anti-intrusion fog machine:

訪日外客へ: 洗練された抗侵入の煙霧機を含むSecurity Showが東京ビックサイトで行われるので、ご興味のある方は訪れてみてください。
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/31 14:44:01829
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/03/04

This blog post from Buffer is "tech speak", but it shows how iterative improvement works in the IT industry: "cronjob that generates $4 million per year"

技術的なお話になりますが、Buffer社のこのブログポストはIT業界での改善はどうしているかを説明しています:"(英文記事) cronjob that generates $4 million per year"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/24 13:52:38830

Interesting multicultural story: "Loved abroad, hated at home: the art of #Japanese tattooing" #irezumi #ink
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18831

Somewhere to go while in #Tokyo: "Top kitchenware, plastic sushi lure cooks, tourists alike to Kappabashi"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18832

Essayist Masako Shirasu helped define the tastes of postwar Japan in almost every aspect of aesthetics & design
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18833

Today 3 March is "Hinamatsuri" in #Japan, the day we collect bad spirits for our girls. Eat some "chirashi-zushi"!
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18834

Visitors, you might like to "visit #Japan's ancient past in urban #Kyushu"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18835

Brew some tea instead of drinking sugar water: "Challenges for Coke to Stay on Top"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18836

Things to do if you visit: "36 Hours in #Kyoto, #Japan"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18837

Positively dystopian? "Don't be taken in by Amazon's friendly face"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18838

A useful read for anyone using social media: "The Complete Guide to Stand-Out Social Media Formatting"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18839

Ambitious! Wolfram Language is a #BHAG if we've ever seen one:
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18840

Thanks Google: "Search (Gmail) emails by size more easily"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18841

Does this mean all three of these people got hacked simultaneously, or, the accounts are the same spammer?
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18842

Try it, and see if it works: "A Simple Strategy To Get More Replies To The Emails You Send"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18843
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/02/27

Mac OS X v10.9.2 update runs optimizations & takes a while, but results are good. Snappy! It's said to patch the recent security breach.

Mac OS X v10.9.2 の更新は最適化するのに暫く時間がかかりますが、良い結果をもたらします。素晴らしい事です!最近のセキュリティ侵害にパッチが適用されると言われています。

2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/21 17:55:13844

Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore. Something to see in #Tokyo #Japan: "Exhausting the sense of the beautiful"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18845

Something to see if you are in #Japan: "Cirque du Soleil now in Japan with 'OVO'"
2018/05/15 18:23:182018/05/15 18:23:18846
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/02/26

PSA: Update to OS X 10.9.2 to patch security: "OS X Mavericks v10.9.2 and Security Update 2014-001"

警報: パッチセキュリティのため、OS X 10.9.2に更新を行ってください。(英文記事) ”OS X Mavericks v10.9.2およびセキュリティアップデート2014-001”
2018/05/15 18:23:192018/05/23 10:12:13847

Ms Ito deserves a diplomacy medal: "Elderly perked up by Filipino caregiver"
2018/05/15 18:23:192018/05/15 18:23:19848
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/02/24

PSA: Patch your iOS devices now, and OS X as soon as there is a patch:
"Why Apple's Recent Security Flaw Is So Scary"

警報:直ちに今お使いの iOSドライブにパッチを適用してください。OX S向けのパッチがあれば同様にすぐに適用してください。(英文記事) ”なぜ最近のApple セキュリティ欠陥が怖いのか”l
2018/05/15 18:23:192018/05/23 10:12:30849

The Inside Story of How Olympic Timekeeping Is So Amazingly Precise
2018/05/15 18:23:192018/05/15 18:23:19850

Remarkable story of Sahel Rosa "Mother's love helped actress overcome war, poverty & bullying to find fame in #Japan"
2018/05/15 18:23:192018/05/15 18:23:19851

Brava!, Mao-chan nailing so many jumps: "Asada has strong free skate, finishes 6th overall"
2018/05/15 18:23:192018/05/15 18:23:19852

Lowe's #FixInSix: Why the Key to Content Marketing is Becoming a Digital Dandelion
2018/05/15 18:23:192018/05/15 18:23:19853

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” - Mahatma Gandhi

2018/05/15 18:23:192018/05/15 18:23:19854

Japan visitors, a play to see in Tokyo from Feb 19: "NNTT debut peers behind...masks of 'Condemned' Sartre family"

2018/05/15 18:23:192018/05/31 14:44:08855

15 Things You Have to Forget to Get Ahead
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20856

Firms using #Japanese typefaces may be interested: "How our Japanese Typeface Collection Just Got a Whole Lot Better"
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20857

Did you know? "The Games’ Unfamiliar Honor (Even Among Its Recipients)"
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20858

Doing whatever it takes: "A Mad Dash for Salt Rescues Olympic Slopes"
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20859

Always and forever: "How to View Constraints as Blessings in Disguise"
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20860

Are you? "If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud." - Emile Zola

2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20861

Brian Krebs #security blog is worth your time. Be aware. "The Cybersecurity Blogger Hackers Love to Hate"
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20862
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/02/16
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/23 10:14:03863

When you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill

2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20864

Trains are delayed or stopped due to snow, so some of @eSolia_Inc staff will go home from now. We will be monitoring email in the meantime.

2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20865

Greater #Tokyo #Japan Visitors - more trains are being cancelled or delayed. Plan accordingly. Snow is coming down pretty heavy now.

2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20866

Are you using specific colors in your materials? "Why Facebook is blue: The science of colors in marketing"
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20867

Will yours be giri- or hon-choco. "Japan gets in the mood for love this Valentine's Day"
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20868
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/02/13

PSA: Visitors to Greater Tokyo Japan, expect delays today due to snow.


2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/23 10:15:49869

Try them: "25 Unconventional Business Books that You Won't See on Most Bookshelves (But Should)"
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20870

Yes. 'Earn attention instead'. Check out: "10 Phrases Great Speakers Never Say" by @jeff_haden
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20871

Tokyo #Japan visitors, how about seeing a play Feb 13-23: "Double-take for a new one-woman 'Tinkerbell'"
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20872

Sophie Knight's (@kishakishi) informative blog "thekishicut" is a great read; she even uses the word "tureen".
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20873

Tourists in #Japan: why not try a "Nagomi Visit" for a glimpse of the Japanese family dining table.
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20874

If you are uncomfortable with websites tracking you, Disconnect might be worth a look:
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20875

Idea for Valentines day in #Japan, support a small Tohoku shop: "Tsunami-hit shop has salty sweets"
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20876

It sure felt like it! "Worst blizzard in 45 years claims 11; 1,200 hurt"
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20877

It is more complex for Services sellers, though: "Firms ramp up production ahead of consumer binge before tax hike"
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20878
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/02/07

PSA: Visitors to Greater Tokyo, heavy snow forecast from 8th Feb noon. Expect transport delays.

2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/23 10:43:13879
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/02/07

Japan visitors with kids, this is a great place to play: "Exploring a land designed with children in mind"

子連れの訪日外客には、"Exploring a land designed with children in mind" と言う記事は役に立つでしょう。
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/31 14:45:42880

Japan visitors, something to see thru Feb 16: "Making the invisible visible at the #Japan #Media #Arts #Festival"
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20881

It's not what you pay a man, but what he costs you that counts. -Will Rogers

2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20882

Is your business 100% necessary or, 100% optional to your clients. If it's not the former, you're dead in the water.

2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20883

Just because someone makes something look easy, does not mean it is, or that you can do it with equal ease. Give credit where it's due.

2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20884

This is most excellent: "Stop filtering people on their skills & experiences, (but rather) on their accomplishments"
2018/05/15 18:23:202018/05/15 18:23:20885

Japan visitors, if you like the performing arts "#Yokohama's annual feast of TPAM" is running Feb 8-16:
2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/15 18:25:10886

Well thought out: "Systems Engineers Interview Questions..." | kate{mats}
2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/15 18:23:21887

LOVE this about email from @buffer: "You can hit reply to this email any time to let us know what you think..." No "do not reply" b.s.

2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/15 18:23:21888

Haters and Critics: How to Deal with People Judging You and Your Work - James Clear
2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/15 18:23:21889

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened - Dr. Seuss

2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/15 18:23:21890

Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit. --Napoleon Hill

2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/15 18:23:21891
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/02/03

eSolia just upgraded to Adobe Creative Cloud. It seems like a good deal, and installs have been smooth so far.

イソリアはAdobe Creative Cloudの使用にアップデートしました。 お手頃価格で問題なくスムーズにインストールができています。
2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/24 14:44:44892

Japan visitors, something to see at the Shiodome (near Shimbashi Tokyo) museum: "Japan's iron age continues in style"
2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/15 18:23:21893
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/02/03

PSA: we don't get much snow in greater Tokyo but it is expected today. Wear appropriate shoes.


2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/22 10:07:53894
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/02/02

日本のiPhoneユーザー: ソフトバンクからの"メールが届きました"という通知の表示を消す方法は、こちらの記事(英文記事)Rick Cogley Centralから確認できます。
2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/24 14:40:05895

Kung hei fat choy!' to our Chinese colleagues. "Chinese new year 2014: 8 things you didn't know..."
2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/15 18:23:21896

One of the Setsubun traditions is "mame maki".
2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/15 18:23:21897

Japan visitors: Setsubun, a purifying festival before the start of spring, is Monday 3 Feb 2013. Try it! - Wikipedia
2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/15 18:23:21898
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/01/31

PSA for Japan visitors: start taking pollen precautions "Hay fever season hits Kanto earlier than usual"

訪日外客への警報: (英文記事) 例年よりも早く関東地方に花粉到来の見込みのため、早めに花粉症対策の取り組みを。
2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/31 14:44:15899
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/01/31

Geek tip for OS X Mavericks users: best way to flush DNS cache in Terminal: "sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder"

OS X Mavericks ユーザーへのオタクヒント: 端末のDNSキャッシュをフラッシュする最良の方法は "sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder"

2018/05/15 18:23:212018/05/24 14:03:30900

Anything to make it harder: '“Honey Encryption” Could Trick Criminals with Spoof Data'
2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19123
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/01/31

Security breach PSA: Yahoo mail users, change your password. Flickr users, too, just in case. See Yahoo's "Security Update"

セキュリティ侵害警報: Yahooメールをご利用の方はパスワードの変更を行ってください。Flickrをご利用の方も同様に念のためパスワードの変更を行ってください。Yahooの(英文記事)"セキュリティのアップデート"をご覧ください。
2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/23 10:52:23124

DNS #protip: .jp domains are about 3000 JPY / yr when registered in Japan, but 3x that when registered with DNS providers outside Japan.

2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19125

DNS #protip: it's a challenge to consolidate domains to one registrar, when you have a mix of, .jp, .com, .pro, .info, .net TLDs.

2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19126

DNS #protip: DNS hosting services sometimes do not support NAPTR records, which are needed for telephony systems.

2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19127

Useful for frequent flyers. "How to avoid every common mistake when booking a flight" - Quartz
2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19128

Worth knowing. "Putting hard drive reliablity to the test shows not all disks are equal" | Ars Technica
2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19129

Talk about shady! BBB are you listening? "Network Solutions Auto-Enroll: $1,850"
2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19130

Japanese home cooking:
2018/05/07 12:37:192018/05/07 12:37:19131

What will small inns do? It's gonna be interesting! "Revamped inns target foreign guests"
2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/07 12:37:20132

Mac users: a great option for regular maintenance is Cocktail by @Maintain_se
2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/07 12:37:20133

Just say no! "The 25 worst passwords of 2013: 'password' gets dethroned":
2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/07 12:37:20134

Good medicine. "OfficeMax Letter To 'Daughter Killed In Car Crash' Could Be Privacy's Whale Song"
2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/07 12:37:20135

Languages morph; purists bristle. Do you sound like Shakespeare? "Pidgin use ruffles purists' feathers"
2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/07 12:37:20136

Any other NHK staff would be summarily fired. Chief Momii: 'comfort women' only wrong per 'today's morality'
2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/07 12:37:20137

Our SaaS database @eSolia_PROdb had low unplanned downtime in 2013.
2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/07 12:37:20138

SAI produced eSolia's promo video: "Creative boutique SAI delivers multilingual messaging solutions worldwide"

2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/07 12:37:20139

Friends from India, happy republic day.

2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/07 12:37:20140

Nihongo learners, do you know your itaita from your kayukayu?! "Healing words for a hospital stay" (in #Japan)
2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/07 12:43:21141
表示はい2014/01/252018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/07 12:37:20142

Happy Birthday, Apple Macintosh! "Thirty Years of Mac"
2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/07 12:37:20143
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/01/25

eSolia Promotional Video

2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/24 15:15:47144
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/01/24

Conserve iOS 7 battery: turn off the home screen parallax effect in settings, general, accessibility, reduce motion .

iOS 7バッテリー消費の節約:設定、一般、アクセシビリティ、視差効果を減らす 、の流れでホーム画面の視差効果をオフに設定することでバッテリー消費量の節約が可能になります。
2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/25 15:06:33145
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/01/24

Conserve iOS 7 battery: turn off notifications for certain apps in settings, notification center.

iOS 7バッテリー消費の節約:設定、通知から特定のアプリからの通知をオフ設定するとバッテリー消費の節約に繋がります。
2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/25 15:09:38146

Conserve iOS 7 battery: turn off "airdrop" in control center. Swipe up from bottom and toggle.

iOS 7バッテリー消費の節約: 画面の下部から上にスワイプしてコントロールセンターを開き、"airdrop"をオフ設定にします。
2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/25 15:15:55147
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/01/24

Conserve iOS 7 battery: turn off "background app refresh" where it's not needed in settings, general.

iOS 7バッテリー消費の節約: 設定、一般、”Appのバックグラウンド更新”から必要のないアプリの更新をオフ設定にします。
2018/05/07 12:37:202018/05/25 15:23:53148

Let's hope they don't slavishly copy the likes of samsung. "Apple to (develop) 12.9-inch ‘iPad Pro,’ sources say."
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21149

How about a little non-computer retro in your life? The Palomino Pencil Story
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21150

Mac Users: one reason to still use Dashboard - "dashkards" keyboard cheat sheets:
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21151

eSolia preps by stocking supplies & running drills. "Distributors busily preparing for predicted massive Tokyo quake"
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21152

Vote With Your Wallet & support companies that vocally support #netneutrality
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21153
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/01/23

Apple Promises to Fix iOS 7 White Screen of Death spontaneous rebooting.

(英文記事) AppleはiOS 7の”死の白いスクリーン”バグの修正を約束
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/27 8:24:07154

Useful for math studies! @Wolfram_Alpha Step-by-step Solutions
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21155

Nice catch Aaron Donovan! "The New York Times Had a Mistake on Its Front Page Every Day for More Than a Century"
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21156

More excellent content from @buffer "10 Big, Recent Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Changes You Should Know..."
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21157

Japan has a sign for that. "Fighting a McDonald’s in Queens for the Right to Sit. And Sit." -,
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21158

Inspiring story! "'Kaz' Kumagai brings tip-top tap to town" @japantimes
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21159

So NSA back doors just amount to social engineering? "Is quantum cryptography the key to thwarting the NSA?"-
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21160

Japan visitors, have you stayed in a Capsule Hotel?
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21161

Terminal users: Master Your Z Shell with These Outrageously Useful Tips:
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21162

If you're in Japan: "Temps hit season low on 'daikan' plunge"
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21163

Previously we'd have been blissfully unaware. Knowing is better, though. "NSA Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers" -
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21164

Labor of geeky love! "These Two Guys Tried to Rebuild a Cray Supercomputer" - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21165

Frictionless spam? Opt-out "Gmail Feature Raises Privacy Concerns About Email"
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21166

Thanks to Duncan & friends at SAI, eSolia has a new promo video. Check it out on our site!:

2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21167

Sometimes organizing and thinking gets in the way of the doing of a thing. Try taking action now, and letting go of …
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21168

Hoping Japan does not follow suit. "Welcome To The Net Neutrality Nightmare Scenario"
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21169

His change in thinking is only natural. "Letter shows AK-47 inventor Kalashnikov's guilt for gun's toll" @JapanTimes
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21170

The Internet of Things Taught My Dog to Text -- Daily Intelligencer
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21171

If you are near Osaka Japan on 27/28 Feb, see the "Sambo Kojin" at Kiyoshikôjin Seichô-ji Temple. Expect crowds!
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21172
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/01/17

PSA: Take extra precautions! "905 kids ill in Shizuoka (Japan) norovirus outbreak".

2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/23 10:59:13173

From Dream to 3-D Reality: The Fascinating Origin of Pixar
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21174

Fantastic Tech "Cheat Sheets" - Packet Life via @mrhappymac
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21175

VLC 2.1 may finally solve the GoToMeeting Mac playback puzzle … /cc @GlennDCitrix
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21176

We're the visitors, so this is about education not govt "wins". West AU "war on sharks won’t make swimmers any safer…
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21178

Can it clean my gutters?! 3 Best Drones Under $1500 -
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21179

Iichi sells handmade goods from Japan. Beautiful.
2018/05/07 12:37:212018/05/07 12:37:21180

Interested in a flexible, rock-solid, quick-to-develop cloud database? Try @eSolia_PROdb on for size.
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22181

Vimeo users, trying & failing to embed to Facebook? Just allow "" and it will work. #pic,
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22182
表示はいEnglish, 日本語はい2014/01/15

iOS users: offering 50GB storage for new signups. Download on your device & follow the steps.

iOS ユーザー: box.netは新規サインアップされる方に50GBのストレージを提供しています。 端末にダウンロードし、手順に従ってインストールするだけです,
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/25 16:12:09183

You catch more flies with honey... "Why positive encouragement works better than criticism (per) science" - @buffer
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22184

Guess we'll never know the whole story: 'Missing' U.K. man turns up safe in Britain @japantimes
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22185

We’re lucky to have such a resource. "Students, Let Wolfram|Alpha Help You Make 2014 a Success"—Wolfram|Alpha Blog
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22186

At This 'Anti-Cafe,' You Pay Just to Sit Around -
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22187

Will this "mother" gadget (system?) catch on in Japan? Talk about enabling "monster parents". A little creepy...
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22188

How NOT to look Ugly on a Webcam |
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22189

Bitcoin Ecosystem - SecondMarket
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22190

A Simple Guide to Better Coaching and Feedback in Your Company - The Buffer Blog
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22191

Thoughts? "...the best thing would be to drop English entirely as a required subject.” @japantimes
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22192

Use unique, strong passwords per site. 'At least 3' more major US retailers reportedly suffer data breaches:
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22193

RT @TACtokyo: The Club's Fitness Fair is Saturday. Get your body moving and learn about the world-class fitness clas…
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22194

Google+ signin required to enter your home! "Google Acquires Smart Thermostat Maker Nest For $3.2 Billion"
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22195

Mac users, VelaTerra is an interactive world clock that displays timezones for easy mtg scheduling:
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22196

Mac users: Cobook makes Address Book social & "was founded in 2011 by...two creative minds tired of stupid software"
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22197

One fun and unique feature of Japanese language is the ease in creating easy-to-remember phrases from numbers.
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22198

Kanda Myojin is where @eSolia_Inc gets blessed every year. It's a beautiful shrine to visit when you're in Tokyo:
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22199

Japan residents, it's better to be prepared. "Dire quake forecasts fail to stir a numb public": @japantimes
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22200

Nico Sell had just announced Wickr was to make changes to ensure users' security when she was approached by the FBI.
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22201

Worth a look these days? Wickr: a free app with message encryption, sender-based control over who can read etc.
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22202

Kanda Myojin Shrine is now having the annual "Daikokusai" festival. Yesterday was cold water purification.
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22203

Students of Japanese language might enjoy this page on "goroawase" wordplay:
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22204

Good luck, Adriana Rodriguez! "The Booming Business of Bilingual"
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22205

Convenient & works with Dropbox. "Fargo is a simple idea outliner, notepad, todo list, project organizer."
2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22206

Sometimes the simplest things are the most innovative, and wonderful.

2018/05/07 12:37:222018/05/07 12:37:22207