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アクションSectionTap TipComments
表示HeadphonesSqueeze mic clicker once when listening to music and a phone call comes in.
Click once to answer the phone, once to hang up.
表示AppsRotate calculator 90 degrees.
Switches to scientific mode.
表示PhonePress and hold the * key when entering a phone number.
Add a comma (acts as a pause) to a phone number. Great for calling cards, or conferencing call bridges like Premier.
表示PhonePress Sleep/Wake twice quickly, or press and hold the mic button on the headphones for a couple seconds until you hear two beeps.
Send a call to voicemail.
表示PhonePress Sleep/Wake when a call comes in.
Silence a call when it comes in, before it goes to voicemail.
表示HeadphonesDouble- or Triple-squeeze the mic clicker during music playback.
Double-squeeze to skip to next track, triple-squeeze to go to previous track, or beginning of current track that has been playing for more than a few seconds.
表示HeadphonesSqueeze mic clicker once when listing to music.
Click (squeeze the mic) once to pause music, once to resume.
表示TextPrevent auto-correction of a word.
Click the small X next to the correction popup, or, make a contact in Address Book and add the words to its contact information.
表示TextEnter URL without www. or .com.
Safari will auto-complete the URL if you just type the middle part.
表示TextDouble-tap Space.
Enter a period and a following space.

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