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ActionSectionActionLinux CmdMac CmdDOS CmdComments
ViewWorking with ApplicationsOpen applications from the command line.xdg-open, mimeopen, seeopenstart "", explorer.exe, (enter filename)
ViewWorking with Files and DirectoriesChange directory.cdcdcd
ViewGetting System InfoShow system info.lsdev, procinfosystem_profilermsd

Lsdev and procinfo do not work on Linux VPSs sometimes due to the way disks are provisioned.

ViewNetwork CommandsClear DNS Cache/etc/rc.d/init.d/nscd restartdscacheutil -flushcache OR sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponderipconfig /flushdns

Older OS X Leopard was "lookupd -flushcache".

ViewNetwork CommandsStart & Stop Servicesservice some-service start|stopnet start|stop some-service
ViewWorking with UsersShow a list of a user's -u account_name(Task Manager)
ViewWorking with UsersShow who is logged in and what they are doing.wnet session
ViewWorking with UsersShow the current user account.whoamiset

There is a whoami command for Windows available in the Resource Kit. Or, you can use set to list the environment variables, of which the username is one.

ViewWorking with UsersList how many users are currently logged in.who | wc -l
ViewWorking with UsersList who is logged in.who
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