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SullCrom Tokyo 16F Server Room "Smell of Burning Plastic"

SAC-Sullivan & Cromwell2021/10/21 19:12:26

"Local hands and eyes" assist for Cisco ISE software upgrade after breakfix.

ブレークフィックス後のCisco ISEのソフトウェア アップグレードをローカルで支援します。

SAC-Sullivan & CromwellはいEnglish, 日本語2021/09/10 13:57:44

Handle all aspects of office move in Tokyo, within the same building to downsize space, performing project management and coordination of move vendors vis-à-vis IT. Major activity was installations or upgrades for all IT infrastructure aspects, including LAN cabling, wireless, network including site-to-site VPN to HQ and DC, phone system, multi-function printers, video conferencing system, fax server system, various new peripherals for end-users and others.


COOK-Cook Medical Japan G.K.はいEnglish, 日本語2021/08/10 14:34:10

De-rack backup server and prepare for HDD sendback and main unit disposal, troubleshoot UPS PDU, followup HVAC problem.

バックアップサーバーの取外し、HDD返送及びメインユニット廃棄の準備、UPS PDUのトラブルシューティング、HVAC問題のフォローアップ。

SAC-Sullivan & CromwellはいEnglish, 日本語2021/08/10 14:17:35

Launch of website to allow registration by healthcare professionals nationwide to participate in order entry system, including site and page design, anti-spam security, database design, furigana-romaji conversion API development, invitation email, operational workflow design on backend.


はいEnglish, 日本語2021/08/10 14:12:01

Handle all aspects of office move to another building within Tokyo, including project management, and coordination of move, along with installs or upgrades to all IT infrastructure aspects, including LAN cabling, wireless, network, phone system, multi-function printers, video conferencing system.

東京内の別のビルへのオフィス移転のすべてのアスペクト処理。 LANケーブル、ワイヤレス、ネットワーク、電話システム、多機能プリンター、ビデオ会議システムを含むすべてのITインフラストラクチャアスペクトへのインストールまたはアップグレードに加えて、プロジェクト管理、移動の調整を含みます。

LMV-LeMaitre Vascular JapanはいEnglish, 日本語2021/08/10 10:55:20

Handling urgent Cisco ISE device troubleshooting, warranty hardware breakfix and secure disposal.

緊急のCisco ISE デバイスのトラブルシューティング、保証ハードウェアの破損修正、および安全な廃棄の処理を行いました。

SAC-Sullivan & CromwellはいEnglish, 日本語2021/08/10 10:54:50

Completed major project to develop, test and launch an order entry system for physicians to order genetic tests online, based on our PROdb cloud database system.


はいEnglish, 日本語2021/03/30 18:28:13

Build and Launch of localized marketing website, integration with eSolia cloud database PROdb.


MGJ-Myriad Genetics G.K.はいEnglish, 日本語2021/03/30 17:52:04

Mini LAN construction for minor equipment rearrangement at warehouse.


COOK-Cook Medical Japan G.K.はいEnglish, 日本語2021/02/22 17:59:50
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