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Backup storage server unexpected outage. Stewarded fix with hardware engineer to replace needed parts.

Law Firm

Completed major project to develop, test and launch an order entry system for physicians to order genetic tests online, based on our PROdb cloud database system.

Healthcare Firm

Mini LAN construction for minor equipment rearrangement at warehouse.

Medical Device Maker

Breakfix for server RAID array HDD hardware failure. Server is out of warranty, so we arranged an appropriate spare, purchasing from old stock for that model.

Steel Wire Technology Maker

Japan network is unstable due to Dell switch hardware problems. Stewarded a replacement of the core switches over multiple troubleshooting sessions, with full IT functionality re-validation.

Car Parts Maker

Build and Launch of localized marketing website, integration with eSolia cloud database PROdb.

Healthcare Firm

Installation of new LAN Cabling on and between floors, to allow modern IP phone system to be deployed.

Real Estate Finance Management

Steward a Major Incident regarding a Network Outage (WAN provider line outage).

Electron Microscope Maker
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