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Coordinate new Giga-class Internet line installation at sister sites, switchover office connection

Real Estate Finance Management

Coordinate new WAN line installation (NTT fiber and Colt ONU), switch from old fiber to new

Law Firm

Replace videoconferencing equipment with new Cisco VC devices in two large meeting rooms, perform construction to mount two large-screen monitors on walls

Asset Management Firm

Deploy new backup server (rackmount, connect), photograph and report

Law Firm

Switched office WAN user traffic from Orange to AT&T Circuit, then re-validated all aspects of IT

Electron Microscope Maker

Deploy replacement Fortinet 100E Firewall, troubleshooting with remote engineer to ensure office Internet speed same or better, validating as needed

Steel Wire Technology Maker

Perform regular Windows update on servers, signature update for anti-virus, and firmware update on Firewall. Install, test, validate daily functionality

Analytical Instruments Maker

Steward IT shutdown and restart during planned annual building power cycle and testing, working around system migration to Amazon AWS cloud

Securities Firm
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