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アクションSectionTap TipComments
表示PowerHold Sleep/Wake, slide red slider.
Turn off iPhone.
表示PowerHold Sleep/Wake and Home simultaneously, for a few seconds.
Force reboot iPhone.
表示PowerHome then Sleep/Wake.
Sleep the iPhone (actually, sleep display).
表示PowerHold Home for a few seconds.
Force quit a hung app.
表示NavigationSwipe up and down.
表示NavigationSwipe with two fingers, up and down.
Scroll within a frame on a website, or in a PDF on a website.
表示NavigationSwipe left and right.
Flip through pages or items. Try it with the Top menu. Notice also the little dots at the bottom of an interface with multiple pages indicating how many pages there are in the sequence. You can tap to the right or left of these to navigate to other pages in the sequence.
表示NavigationTap upper status bar.
Tapping the status bar (the area at the top of an app with the clock) jumps to the top of a scrollable list.
表示NavigationDouble-tap Home.
Double-pressing the Home button brings you to phone favorites if the iPhone is unlocked, and to a screen with iPod controls if you are listening to music.
表示NavigationPress and hold a URL.
Brings up information about the URL in Safari.
表示ImagesPress Sleep/Wake and Home simultaneously.
Take a screen shot and save it to the camera roll.
表示ImagesPress and hold an image in Safari or Mail.
Save image to camera roll.
表示ImagesHold camera button to focus.
Similar to a normal digital camera, you can compose your shot holding down the button, and release your finger when you are steady.
表示TextDouble-tap Shift.
Enter caps-lock mode, provided "enable caps lock" is selected in Settings, General, Keyboard.
表示TextTap-slide to letter.
Tapping the shift key then sliding to a letter on the mini keyboard enters the letter as a capital.
表示TextHold down certain keys in keyboard.
Holding down various keys gives you an option menu to choose optional extended characters (European language vowels), currency symbols, punctuation (curly quotes), and URL elements (.com, .org, .net).
表示TextDouble-tap Space.
Enter a period and a following space.
表示TextEnter URL without www. or .com.
Safari will auto-complete the URL if you just type the middle part.
表示TextPrevent auto-correction of a word.
Click the small X next to the correction popup, or, make a contact in Address Book and add the words to its contact information.
表示HeadphonesSqueeze mic clicker once when listing to music.
Click (squeeze the mic) once to pause music, once to resume.
表示HeadphonesSqueeze mic clicker once when listening to music and a phone call comes in.
Click once to answer the phone, once to hang up.
表示HeadphonesDouble- or Triple-squeeze the mic clicker during music playback.
Double-squeeze to skip to next track, triple-squeeze to go to previous track, or beginning of current track that has been playing for more than a few seconds.
表示AppsRotate calculator 90 degrees.
Switches to scientific mode.
表示PhonePress Sleep/Wake when a call comes in.
Silence a call when it comes in, before it goes to voicemail.
表示PhonePress Sleep/Wake twice quickly, or press and hold the mic button on the headphones for a couple seconds until you hear two beeps.
Send a call to voicemail.
表示PhonePress and hold the * key when entering a phone number.
Add a comma (acts as a pause) to a phone number. Great for calling cards, or conferencing call bridges like Premier.
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