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表示15 x 15 = 225イチゴイチゴに、ニコッいちごいちごににこっichigoichigoni, nikoGrinning at the strawberries.

From children's school notes.

表示33414寂しいよさみしいよSamishiiyoI'm lonely.

Used in texting and pagers.

表示11 x 11 = 121いいいい、人に人いいいい、ひとにひとiiii, hitonihitogood, good, person to person

From children's school notes.

表示11 x 11 = 121いいいい、人に人いいいい、ひとにひとiiii, hitonihitoGood, good, person to person.

From children's school notes.

表示12 x 12 = 144胃に胃に石よいにいにいしよiniini, ishiyoFrom stomach to stomach, a rock.

From children's school notes.

表示13 x 13 = 169いざいざ、一郎君いざいざいちろうくんizaiza, ichiroukunIn a pinch, Ichirou.

From children's school notes.

表示14 x 14 = 196いよいよ、一苦労いよいよいくろうiyoiyo, hitokurouFinally, a difficulty.

From children's school notes.

表示16 x 16 = 256色々煮込むいろいろにこむiroiro, nikomuStew various things.

From children's school notes.

表示17 x 17 = 289いいないいな、二泊いいないいなにはくiinaiina, nihakuThat's great, that's cool, two nights!

From children's school notes.

表示18 x 18 = 324いやいや、ミニよいやいやみによiyaiya, miniyoNo, no, it's mini.

From children's school notes.

表示19 x 19 = 361行く行く、寒いとこいくいくあさむいとこikuiku, samuitokoLet's go, let's go, to a cold place.

From children's school notes.

表示物でねーと、せっかくのプレゼントも有り難くない。物でねーと、せっかくのプレゼントも有り難くない。ものでねーと、せっかくのぷれぜんともありがたくないMono de neeto, sekkaku no purezento mo arigatakunai.If not a physical thing, even if you give me a present I'm not happy.

Mnemonic to remember the OSI model. Mono (physical) de (data) nee (network), to (t(o)ransport), sekkaku no (session), purezento (presentation), arigatakunai (application).

物理層 データリンク層 ネットワーク層 トランスポート層 セッション層 プレゼンテーション層 アプリケーション層.

表示0906遅れるおくれるOkureruI'll be late.

Used in texting to say you'll be late.

表示3.14159265産医師異国に向こうさんいしいこくにむこSanishi ikokuni mukouObstetrician goes to a foreign land.

Mnenomic goroawase students use to remember the first few digits of the constant pi, π.


Mnemonic goroawase for the "Japanese mob".

表示0840お早うおはようOhayouGood Morning

For IM or texting, mostly.

表示0340お寿司◯おすしまるosushi maruI love sushi!

License plate. The person must really love sushi!

表示8888ハハハハははははhahahahaHa ha ha ha!

License plate. Laughter, or lucky Chinese New Year?!

表示6480虫歯ゼロむしばぜろMushiba zeroNo Cavities!

Seen as the phone number on some dentist signs.

表示9182キューティーハーニーきゅーてぃーはーにーKyuutii haaniiCutie Honey

License plate. The driver either likes the anime Cutie Honey, or is a cutie honey.

表示3315さー、さー、行こう!さーさーいこうSaa, saa ikou!Say, let's go!

License plate goroawase, encouraging people to drive, I guess.

表示4155よい、ゴーゴーよいごうごうYoi, gou gouReady, go, go!

Exhortation to "go! go!" for a license plate.

表示3923さんきゅう日産さんきゅうにっさんsankyuu nissanThank you, Nissan

Nissan lovers, unite!

表示4946よく読むよくよむyokuyomuRead a lot, oft-read

“4946” or yokuyomu (often read), is used in toll free phone numbers for newspapers and magazines. Nikkei even has it in their website -

表示4649宜しくよろしくYoroshikuBe kind to me

“4649” or yoroshiku is used when you are asking someone to do something. This uses both readings of the numeral 4, ‘yon’ and ‘shi’.

表示1192良い国いいくにiikuniGood Country

“1192” or iikuni, is the year the Kamakura bakufu government was established, with the idea of making a good country (ii kuni) .

表示39さんきゅうさんきゅうsankyuuThank you

"39" is used in texting or IM chat, as a quick way to say thank you.

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